What is the best way to sell your diamond ring quickly for a high payment?

You own a diamond ring that you plan to sell? You are in good company because thousands of Americans sell their diamond rings every month. Is it your grandma’s engagement ring that you inherited? Or maybe is it your own engagement ring and you would like to sell because of a divorce? No wonder, in America there is one divorce approx. every 35 seconds. That’s about 2,400 divorces per day or 16,800 divorces per week and in total 876,000 divorces per annum. We estimate that two-thirds of all divorced women look for a way to sell their engagement ring and their wedding band. Only one-third keeps the jewelry for memories. Therefore we know for sure that about 1,800 ladies are looking for a reliable place to sell their diamond rings – EVERY DAY! Maybe you are one of them. What do we want to achieve with this calculation? Generally, nothing. We just want to dismantle your barriers because a good selling experience begins when you are emotionally ready for selling.

The best way to sell a diamond ring is selling it online!

It’s true, the best way to sell a diamond ring is selling online. If you have ever been in the situation of selling gold or jewelry, you might know that jewelers in your neighborhood or local gold buyers can be very unreliable. Some places are shabby, other places operated by unfriendly people and others are just too incompetent to recognize the value of your diamond ring. What you need is a reliable place with a hassle-free guarantee like reDollar.com. It’s so convenient, isn’t it Mary?

Interview with Mary, she sold a diamond ring online:

We: Mary, what was the most important reason for you to sell your diamond ring online?
Mary: First, I wanted to sell my diamond ring to a local jeweler in my home town. To tell you a secret, it was the same place where my husband bought my engagement ring some years before. I never found out how much he paid for my ring but I was very sure that he paid around $10,000.
We: What happened than, Mary?
Mary: Well, I’m a realistic person. I have never expected to get paid the price my ex paid some years ago. But to be honest, I was expecting about $3,000 for my ring.
We: How much did you get offered?
Mary: Guess!
We: Maybe the three grand that you have expected?
Mary: Are you kidding me, no way! They wanted to get me out of it for one grand. I tell you, I was so upset. I left the store immediately.
We: Wow, that’s really little money.
Mary: Oh yes, that’s nothing for a 2 carat diamond ring.
We: What have you done, then?
Mary: Well, I was upset as I told you. I stopped thinking about selling my ring and tucked it away in my storage (laughing). I didn’t want to have this jewelry in my home.
We: What happened next, did you change your mind?
Mary: Thanks to Hillary, a friend of me. She is also divorced. She told me nearly the same story that I have experienced. She was shopping around to get a good price for her diamond ring. She had to pay for her house to avoid foreclosure. Nearly no store offered her a fair price. And she compared many places for a whole day long.
We: That’s bad.
Mary: It is but she was in a need of money. Therefore she investigated her selling options, online. She shared a photo and some facts with a couple of online jewelry buyers and guess what happened?
We: Tell us, Mary!
Mary: She got offered about $5,000 but expecting only $3,000.
We: That’s awesome.
Mary: It is awesome. But it’s not that simple as you think now.
We: Why?
Mary: Because there are also a lot of unreliable places online. You have to know an honest place. Hillary told me that about half of the contacted online buyers failed. There were just two companies offering a high price for her diamond ring.
We: That’s bad. What an experience.
Mary: Yes, but it was good for me. I took my ring from my locker and sold it right away. For a really awesome price.
We: Sounds good, how much did you get paid?
Mary: To be exact, it was $4,256.
We: Bull’s eye!
Mary: Yes, me and my new love we had a romantic trip to Sin City.
We: Hooray, you enjoyed?
Mary: Honey, we did!!!
We: Tell us the name of the company, Mary!
Mary: It was redollar.com. I can really recommend this guys. They did a great job. The best way to sell a diamond ring is there. For sure.
We: Thank you, Mary. And thanks for your time, too!
Mary: You are very welcome, maybe I can protect other ladies from gold buying scam.
We: Oh yes, Mary. Your explanations were very helpful.

How dealing online works, normally

Companies like reDollar.com offer price lists to get a first impression of the prices they pay. If you know what you have, you can check your payout amount before you sell. And if not, they provide you with a free evaluation and a top dollar guarantee. Start online and tell them what you have. Furthermore, just schedule a free pick up. Or you mail your diamond for free using a FedEx or USPS label. Sit back and wait for your money. That’s it. The whole selling process can be done in just 2 days.

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