Today’s very likely Sunday: can you sell gold on Sunday?

Good question. Yes, you can. You can sell your gold on Sunday. The great majority of local gold buyers are not open on Sunday but online gold buyers like us are open, we have open for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Selling gold on Sunday is possible with reDollar and more than welcomed. We all know the situation of needing money urgently because any unforeseen expenses have occurred. Also when you want to sell your gold immediately on a Sunday, we are there for your needs. Our customer support team is always available for your needs, no matter if it’s Sunday, Christmas Eve or any other special holiday. Selling gold is a very delicate thing. It needs trust in the buyer and you should can rely on your gold buyer regardless of when you need his help. We serve our clients with this characteristics. We offer our clients the best possible transparency and customer-friendliness to make the selling of gold a truly pleasure.

Can I sell my gold on Sunday to a pawnbroker?

Unfortunately you cannot sell your gold to a pawnbroker on Sunday. The great majority of pawnbrokers who also buys gold and not only pawn gold are not open on Sunday. I’m sorry! But you can sell your gold with us, online gold buyers like we are open on Sundays. But before you sell gold to any other gold buyer in the worldwide web, please try to find out if this online gold buyer is a reliable place where to sell gold on Sunday. Many online gold buyers try to fish for clients with promising ads but in the end it can turn out that the online buyer of your choice can’t keep his promises. Long handling times, no insurance for shipped valuables, a very low price and dubious deductions could be the consequence of a overhasty sale. So before you plan to sell your gold to an online gold buyer, please make sure that the platforms of your interest really offer great conditions and not only try to scam you.

Can I sell my gold on Sunday to a jeweler?

We are sorry, the disappointing answer is NO. The great majority of jewelers is closed on Sunday. The main idea to sell gold to a jeweler is good, because jewelers are used to gold and fine jewelry, so they may offer good prices for your gold and because it’s their specialist field is jewelry so nothing suggests itself better that jewelers are a reliable place where to sell gold. BUT, there is a big but. But also jewelers want to make profit, big profit. So also when the chosen jeweler is able to determine the value of your gold or jewelry properly, it’s not a guaranteed that he also pays the adequate market value for your gold. Watch out if you plan to sell gold to a jeweler. The best thing you can do to avoid getting paid too less for your gold is to find out how much your jewelry is worth. Consult an independent appraiser who can tell you the adequate market value of your jewelry. Especially for fine jewelry we highly recommend such a value estimation. Or send your gold to us, we also offer our clients a free appraisal of their valuables which is free of course. Alternatively you can also determine the value by yourself. All what you need to know is the purity of your jewelry, for example the purity of gold, silver or platinum and the weight. Use our
gold calculator, fill in the weight and the purity and get a fair price information. Knowing what you own makes a sale to a jeweler a lot easier. Now you are able to negotiate at eye-level and the jeweler can’t downplay the value of your gold, just to make more profit. Get started now and send us your gold for a free appraisal.

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