Let’s talk about wedding rings: can you sell your wedding ring?

It’s doubtless a tough decision to sell a ring you once loved so much but when times changed and love is gone, selling is a considerable option to get rid off unwanted memories. Almost every week, we receive questions about selling a wedding ring and the most common question “can I sell my wedding ring?” is piratically very easy to answer.

Yes, you can sell your wedding ring anytime as long as you are emotionally ready for it.

It’s not legally questionable if you are allowed to sell your wedding ring as you either received the ring as a gift or you may bought it with your own money. You are the legal owner. You are allowed to sell the wedding ring but finding out if you are really ready for this step matters.

How much money can I get?

Sometimes the selling-decision is made based on the money you may be able to receive. Good news is that gold has a decent value but compared with engagement rings, wedding rings are less valuable as either no diamonds or just small diamonds were mounted on the ring what reduces the value of a wedding ring pretty much down to the gold used to produce your ring. While some rings are super thick and heavy what is great for the amount of money you are able to get out of it, some wedding rings are super thin and lightweight what means that just a little value is present.

Selling Is Legal!

Selling is legal as your wedding ring is your possession. It’s absolutely up to you  to make the selling-decision.

sell wedding ring and get rid of Ex husband

Selling Is So Easy!

Thanks to reDollar.com. selling is easy, secure and fast. With our company, getting paid the highest possible price is guaranteed.

judged husband and wedding rings about to sell

18K Gold Wedding Ring

12.75 Grams

yellow gold wedding ring made of 18K gold

14K Gold Wedding Ring

7.55 Grams

yellow gold wedding ring made of 14K gold

10K Gold Wedding Ring

9.25 Grams

yellow gold wedding ring made of 10K gold

Can I sell my wedding ring although it’s engraved?

Definitely possible as it is very easy to remove engravings with a polishing machine. We would never-ever resale a wedding ring containing names or personal messages. We also have a free demolition-guarantee for those folks insisting on getting their ring destroyed. In that case, we melt-down the wedding ring to get the gold back into the recycle cycle. Your former wedding ring will get transformed into a new ring, a bracelet or even a coin. Sell your wedding ring with confidence and the grantee to get paid the highest possible price.

What about the wedding ring of my Ex?

We recommend to sell wedding rings only if ownership is doubtless clear. We even recommend to hold on with selling if the wedding ring was given back to you from your Ex. It’s doubtless legal to sell your wedding ring but selling your Ex’s wedding ring could bring you in trouble.

Wedding Ring,  Asset Considered for Settlement?

Jewelry with substantial value is usually considered in a settlement. Just recently, reDollar.com became part of a settlement-selling transaction performed from a Los Angeles based lady. In that case, it was not a wedding ring but a bracelet – supposed to be made by Cartier. It turned out that bracelet was not crafted by Cartier and even worst – it was not even made of solid gold. The lady’s attorney sued the former husband as he stated a $15,000 value in case’s records. Consider that you can get sued for even a little value and sometimes the case is not about money but more about a broken heart. Don”t panic, selling your property is absolutely legal but considering that earned proceeds can become part of a settlement package is just smart.

Family Jewelry and what we recommend

Not every divorce is “bloody” and accompanied by hate and resentment. Those former couples who are able to go through divorce with respect and dignity should work on the selling transaction as a team. We at reDollar.com offer divorce-solutions making it possible to get a purchase offer for every single piece of jewelry provided. There is no obligation to sell the whole collection making it easy to decide what you want to keep and what items you want to see go. With the estimations we provide, settlement negotiations are much easier to handle and the money can get paid into two different checking accounts if wanted.

Appraising a wedding ring

We strongly recommend to reconsider any plans made to get a wedding ring appraised. Appraisals usually cost between $50 and $100 while an average wedding ring is worth between $50 and $500. A reliable appraiser will sent you home without doing a written appraisal but telling you how much the gold is approx. worth. But there are also greedy appraisers around providing you a written appraisal and charging you although it’s well known that appraising a wedding ring is just nonsense.

You are able to do the math at home!

You only need a digital scale and a magnifier.

Spot Markings & Weigh

Wedding rings made in the US are usually either marked 10K, 14K, 18K and sometimes 22K. Find the marking and weigh your ring to calculate the value in 2 easy steps.

14K Gold Stamp Inside Ring

  • Spot the markings engraved inside your band.
  • It either says 10K, 14K, 18K or 22K.
  • Overseas acquired wedding rings can be marked 585, 750 and sometimes 900.

585 = 14K | 750 = 18K 

  • Weigh your wedding ring.
  • Write down the weight in gram or pennyweight.
  • Access our gold calculator.
  • Use the calculator according to the information gained.

Common Gold Alloys In The US

10K Gold = 41.6% Pure Gold
14K Gold = 58.3% Pure Gold
18K Gold = 75.0 Pure Gold

Let’s assume you found a 14K-marking and the ring weighs 7.55 grams.

This is the math, then:

7.55 grams (ring’s weight) x $40.52 (value per gram) = $305.95 (total selling-value)

Can I sell my wedding ring to reDollar without obligations?

Absolutely! Selling is risk-free and no obligations apply. We believe that reDollar.com is the best place to sell wedding rings. Please don’t make a mistake and bring your wedding ring to a pawn shop. The difference in the amount offered can be significant. Some pawn shops offer as little as 50% of your rings real value. Assume that your heavy wedding ring is worth about 400 dollars. Would you like to get sent home with 2 dollars on your hand? Likely not. Go ahead and sell your precious items with the #1 online gold buyer, reDollar. The highly trusted source where America sells its gold.

Get It Done, Now & Sell

We make sure that you have a great selling-experience with reDollar. You can either order a free shipping kit or if you just want to get it done, a fully insured shipping label, sent directly into your email inbox, will do just fine to make the sale fast and secure.

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