Cash for Diamond Rings: get the best quote in the US

reDollar is the platform in the World Wide Web that offers you a convenient and safe method to sell your diamond rings. We offer great services for our appreciated clients that makes the selling process more transparent and simple. Many people think that selling valuables online is not safe but that’s not the truth. Selling jewelry online is very safe and convenient nowadays. We operate like many other dotcom companies. Our head office where all, our know-how and expertise is bundled is the heart piece of our company. When you expect cash for diamond rings and you decided to sell with us, then your diamond rings were shipped to our head office where the detailed analysis and the appraisal takes place. All different shipping methods that we provide our clients guarantee a full coverage so you can see you are fully protected. Our employees are no nobodies, we work together with reputable experts who have the consolidated knowledge and long lasting experience to determine the value of your diamond rings or other jewelry pieces properly. With us you can get your cash for diamond rings quickly and whenever you need it because our friendly customer support representatives are available for your needs nearly 24 hours a day and 362 days a year.

Get more cash for diamond rings – We tell you how!

Have you ever sold gold to a local gold buyer? Yes you did? We hope you have made a good experience. There are thousands of gold buyers scattered across several States and throughout the United States. But unfortunately the majority of gold buyers don’t do their job with the needed accuracy and fairness. During the last years we have tested many local gold buyer spots just to see how our competitors do their job and our resume is very sobering. We were confronted with lack of knowledge, very low to inacceptable prices, bad customer service, rude manners and dishonesty. It’s very hard to find a reliable place to sell diamond rings and other jewelry, this applies to online gold buyers as well as local spots. The main advantage of the gold buyers is the customer’s lack of knowledge. That makes it difficult for lay persons to get a fair amount of cash for diamond rings.

What can you do avoid getting ripped off from tricky gold buyers?

When you expect a fair amount of cash for your diamond rings, the most important thing you can do to avoid getting ripped off, is to learn what you have. If you know the approximate value of your diamond ring, then you can better compare the prices and you can better negotiate. Use our innovative gold calculator and read more about diamond grading to gain more knowledge about your jewelry. We offer this super transparent tools to protect you from bad experiences and we help you to get more cash for your diamond rings. If the usage of the gold and diamond calculator is too complicated for you, please give us a call or send us an email with the basic facts to your piece of jewelry and we will make you a prompt offer. You can also get started now and send your diamond ring to us immediately. Our experts are more than happy to create a detailed appraisal for you, then you can decide if you would like to sell with us or not. You have no commitment to make the deal with us, all our services are free for you!

Below you can find some price examples that give you a better impression about how much cash for diamond rings you can expect when you sell to a reliable buyer.

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