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You own a nice platinum bar which you would like to sell? Good that you found reDollar, we are your first address for buying platinum bars to top prices. Platinum bars are a very common capital investment for private investors as well as for business investors. The current price for platinum is very high so it’s the right moment to get good cash for platinum bars. They grey-white transitional metal platinum is a very popular precious metal not only for the manufactures of bars. Also the jewelry industry swears by the lustrous, malleable white metal which is more ductile than gold and silver. What makes platinum and platinum bars so fascinating is the rarity. Platinum is a very rare raw material and resource. The top platinum producer is South Africa, closely followed by Russia, Canada, and Alaska. If you own a platinum bar, sell it with us and get cash for platinum bars just 48 hours after starting the selling process online. We are the good guys in that business because we guarantee best prices and a fair and transparent transaction. Visit our platinum calculator to calculate our purchase prices for your platinum bar. Get cash for platinum bars by making the deal with

Weight Value if you cash out, today
1 gram $24.8
5 gram $149.6
10 gram $300.1
20 gram $601.2
1 oz equaling 31.1 gram $934.0
50 gram $1,501.6
100 gram $3,003.2
250 gram $7,461.3
500 gram $14,898.2
1,000 gram $30,032.0

Getting cash for platinum bars is fast and fair

In general platinum bars come in ounces or grams. That way it’s easy for you as layman to calculate a fair market value for your platinum bar. The current stock market price for one ounce of platinum is USD 1,112.00 (3/19/2015). One ounce weighs 31.10 grams. When you calculate the price for your platinum bar, please consider that a potential buyer has to make a profit on this deal. A fair profit does not exceed 10% of margin. So what we understand as a fair cash price for you platinum bar with an estimated weight of 1 ounce is $1,000.8 – $1,023.04 (3/19/2015). Now comes the awful truth! reDollar is of the opinion that 8-10% of profit is fair and acceptable, unfortunately our competitors have a different opinion. The profit our competitors are asking for is much, much higher and this is to your big disadvantage because selling with the majority of gold buyers means that you get too less cash for platinum bars then you actually should get. A margin of 25-50% is not uncommon when you make business with these guys. You don’t believe us? No problem, make a comparison. Take your platinum bar and consult some of your local buyers. Find out first “how much is a platinum bar worth” by contacting our expertise appraisers and then visit some of your closest buyers for platinum. Soon you will realize that we tell you the “awful” truth. The bad conditions our competitors offer their clients, are our winnings. We make it better, we pay more, we pay fast, we are transparent, we don’t lie, we tell you the truth and we keep our promises at any time. Give us a try and let us convince you from our professionalism, with us you can get great cash for platinum bars. Start selling now and become a new happy reDollar customer.

Sell common and popular Platinum bars of any kind

With reDollar you can sell platinum bars of any kind. We accept all kind of platinum bars, no matter if your platinum bar is damaged, scratched, very old or even antique. Very common platinum bars are platinum bars from Valcambi or platinum bars from Credit Suisse, the well-known Switzerland-based financial services holding company. Also platinum bars from Engelhard, Pamp Suisse, Johnson Matthey and Scotiabank are easy and attractive to sell with us. The selling process to get cash for platinum bars is very easy and safe. You send your platinum bars to our high-tech laboratories and our experts analyze your platinum bar to confirm the authenticity and the weight. Finally we make you an offer with the guarantee of an immediate payout. The entire process is very anonymous and discreet, a practice that all our clients highly appreciate. The shipping is very safe because all mailings are fully covered by insurance. There is nothing you can lose, with reDollar you can only win. That’s our mission to offer a fair and attractive transaction for both of us. Get started now and get good cash for your platinum bars.

Well known platinum bar producer: Valcambi Suisse, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Baird & Co. or Heraeus.

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