Best cash for silverware

Silverware is wide-spread in our US households

Silverware can be found in many, many households. Especially in wealthy households as well as households from our grandparents. Did you know that your silverware might be very valuable? No, you don’t? Then please read our article to find out more about the value of silverware.

Silverware from special brands or manufacturers

Silverware from special brands or manufacturers can be very valuable because there exists a large number of collector’s who is very interested in silver like that. Especially antique silverware from Russia and Europe is very popular. People are very fascinated by the history of this antique and fine manufactured silverware that was made for royal dynasties.

If you need cash for silverware you own, then sell it to us, we determine the value of your silver and our team of experts is more than happy to appraise your treasure.

Famous marks we love to accept:

  • Gorham MFG. Co.
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Reed & Barton
  • Whiting MFG. Co.
  • Allan Adler
  • Arthur J. Stone
  • Asprey & Co.
  • TSC London
  • IGR Berlin
  • Lewis Fueter
  • Myer Myers
  • Simeon Soumaine
  • Peter van Dyck
  • Tuttle Silversmiths
  • and many, many others

In the past it was very important to have silverware for special occasions and festivities. People not only of the Upper class saw it as a must to use silverware. It’s still a very classy part of a table decoration but nowadays we have a downside trend because silverware needs a special care and people don’t want to take the time to polish tarnished silver very often so that it looks shiny. People nowadays are more practical thinking than the times before. Also the costs are a point. Silverware is very expensive, antique used silverware as well as brand-new pieces. That’s why it’s also very attractive to sell it. You can get a high sum of cash for silverware if you plan to sell it.

Silverware often comes as .925 silver but also as .800 silver. When you sell silver and you want to check out the prices before you finally make the deal, then you can use our gold calculator. With help of our gold calculator you can calculate the exact payout amount for your silverware. Get cash for your silverware and start selling now!

This is how it works to use our gold calculator:

First, please try to find any stamps or hallmarks on your silverware. This stamps give you more information about the silver purity and the manufacturer of your silverware.

Below you can find some example images of silver stamps:

Afterwards please weigh your silverware with a scale. We recommend to use a common kitchen scale.

With the information of the purity of your silverware, for example .925 silver and the weight of your silver you can use our calculator. Type in the weigh in the particular field and immediately you will get a price information. Please bear in mind that silver knives are not made of pure silver. The handles are often filled with filling materials such as sand and also the blades are mostly made of steel. So when you calculate the price for your pieces to get cash for your silverware, please consider this information.

When you are happy with our prices then you can start the sales process immediately. We are available for our clients 24 hours/day, 365 days of the year.

For special pieces from famous brands or silversmiths we can pay higher prices than the silver value. Please send us an email or give us a call and we advise you on your questions.

What we buy:

We buy all kinds of silverware and the condition does not play a significant role for us. With us you can sell silver spoons, silver forks, silver knives, silver teaspoons, silver fish knives, silver soup ladles etc. The only thing we cannot buy is plated silverware.

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