Coin buyers online – how to detect the reliable buyer from the untrustworthy?

If you have decided to sell your coins to an online coin buyer then you have to be very careful and attentive to find the right place. Since the price for precious metals has made an upward spurt, hundreds of coin buyers and soldiers of fortune, those who call themselves coin buyers, have opened their local stores and online stores to fish for clients. But be aware that buying coins like gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins or palladium coins is a delicate business. Profound expert knowledge is needed do the job of a coin buyer properly. There are also lots of antique coins in circulation which have a special value that is by far higher than the raw material value of the coin itself. Also coins with a certain amount of coinage or a special age-group can be from great value for collector’s but the skill is to recognize this coins and to be honest with you, many coin buyers online as well as coin buyers who operate from their local stores, don’t have the necessary expert knowledge to assess the value of such coins. Selling your coins with us prevents you from bad experiences with unskilled rookies. runs a high tech laboratory where all our knowledge will be bundled. We employee many experts, operating in different areas of expertise. We are prepared for any situation. We can deal with antique Latin coins as well as with rare Chinese gold coins. We don’t make a difference what quantity of coins you plan to sell with us. We offer all our clients the same conditions. Selling with us is not like in local stores where a so called face check happens on which basis the coin buyer “creates” his price. We treat all our clients the same way, regardless of the income group and equal if you sell an entire collection of coins or only a single silver coin.

No obligation to sell your coin!

Selling with means also that you don’t have an obligation to sell your coins with us. If you should change your mind and you want back your coins, no problem. We send back your coins, fully insured and without any costs for you.

Gold calculator – our innovative instrument to calculate your prices!

What differs us from the mass of coin buyers, is the transparency that we offer our clients. We have nothing to hide, look behind our screens and calculate with our gold calculator the prices that we can offer you. We keep our promises! This gold calculator is not only a nice feature that should tempt you to make the deal with us. The prices that you can calculate with the gold calculator are exactly the prices that we pay when it comes to a sale. We think that trust is a very important thing in our business. We depend on the trust of our clients that it comes to a deal with us and you depend on our trust that we offer a great price for your valuable coins. Mutual confidence is the basis of our business and very essential to make our clients happy. This is also part of our business philosophy that we take very seriously. Unfortunately not every coin dealer has such honorable business practices but our aim is it to make things better than other ones. We learn from the mistakes of our competitors, benefit from our experience and sell your coins to us, you will soon notice the difference.

You have convinced me – I sell to reDollar, but how does it work?

Thank you for choosing us as your coin dealer online, we appreciate your choice! Selling with is very easy, secure and fast. Get started now and start selling right now!

Please fill in our sales form online which gives us information about your person and about the coins that you would like to sell. No SSN needed! Afterwards please wrap the items that you would like to sell with us and choose a convenient method of shipping. Ship your items to us with a free pick up from FedEx or organize the shipping by yourself, using our prepaid shipping labels. 1-2 days after shipping we expect the receipt of your valuables. An immediate evaluation of your items will be made. When you agree to our great offer we will make an immediate payout, optionally by PayPal, money order, direct debit or check. Give us a call if you still have any doubts and give us a try, you won’t regret it. is your first online coin buyer, with us you have a choice!

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