We are a reliable diamond ring buyer

Several hundred thousand diamond rings sell every year in the US. New diamond rings as well as pre-owned rings. Think about engagements, weddings, divorces or heritages. All this special events make such a giant buy and sell market for diamond rings in the US possible. It’s simple to buy a diamond ring. You just need a jeweler with a wide selection of diamond rings. If you shop around, you will find a ring you love. But what can you do if you plan to sell a diamond ring? Right, you look for diamond ring buyers. But how can you make sure that you sell your diamond ring to a reliable buyer, paying a fair amount? That’s more complex and needs some more information. We see ourselves as a very honest diamond ring buyer with the wish to inform consumers about how to find the right diamond ring buyer. There are so many things to consider and you need a very qualified and experienced partner for selling, especially if you have no idea about the value. We listed some helpful information for you in hope to guide you through a satisfying selling experience.

A reliable diamond ring buyer will discuss the value

When we buy a diamond ring, we first define the resell market value. Let’s assume we think that the ring you plan to sell can sell for $5,000. First, we will inform you that we think that your ring can sell for $5,000 on the market. We find a realistic price what means that your ring doesn’t sell for a bargain but can sell soon, maybe within 2 months. What we do is, calculating a deduction in the range of 15% and 30% depending on the ring. We charge you maybe 30% for an old-fashioned diamond ring with a low demand but just 15% for a popular diamond ring made from Tiffany, for example. It depends on the estimated popularity of your diamond ring. Reliable diamond ring buyers should proceed like we. We think that an honest discussing about the value brings mutually confidence and our margin is fair priced what means that normally it’s better to sell with us instead of an auction. And especially it goes a lot faster because you get paid instantly and not a few weeks later. reDollar.com is an option if you look for a fair paying diamond ring buyer.

Beware of appraisal values

It’s well-known that you can almost never sell your diamond ring for the appraisal value. Normally you can expect between 30% and 40% of the appraised value. Let’s assume that you own a diamond ring with a certification and an appraised value of about $10,000. Such a ring can sell between $3,000 and $4,000. If you don’t believe you can run a test by yourself, visit one of your local jeweler stores and ask for a diamond solitaire ring. They will praise the ring with a certification and an estimated value. They will show you the certification saying this ring reflects a value of $15,000. They can make you a very special offer. If you buy today you can get it for maybe $5,000 or $6,000. For consumers it’s hard to understand why there is a significant difference between the appraised value and the real market value. To explain it in one sentence, they do this because of insurance reasons. The estimated value shows the amount of money needed to replace the ring exactly as it was. This contains finding a similar stone as well as the workmanship to produce such a ring.

Qualified diamond ring buyers need knowledge and ability

It’s not a big deal to find a resell price for a diamond ring coming with a latest certification. Almost all diamond ring buyers should be able to calculate a proper price. But it becomes more complex if we speak about vintage, antique or very special diamond rings without a certification. The diamond ring buyer needs the knowledge and the ability to unlock your ring’s value. Only very experienced buyers are able to recognize just in seconds what they see. We, as a very qualified diamond ring buyer, go a very special way. Your ring undergoes a very special process if you offer your diamond ring to us. For diamond rings, we have special work groups determining your ring altogether. At least two reDollar.com employees make an independent price evaluation. We also consult a third expert, if the calculated price differs more than 10%. That allows us to promise you one of the most accurate diamond ring selling processes all over the US. Get started now and test our service today! There is no obligation to sell your diamond ring with us.

A diamond ring buyer has the ability to reveal interesting proveniences

To be honest, the chances are one hundred thousand to one to own a diamond ring of a famous or very interesting provenience. It’s like hitting the jackpot if an Abraham Lincoln or Rockefeller ring finds its way into your jewelry box. Nevertheless, it can happen. And for such cases, you need a diamond ring buyer with a widespread expert network to ensure that this information can be discovered. We are working day and night to grow our expert network to discover your treasure. First, it’s because of your satisfaction but second, it’s also because of our high expectations in our company. reDollar.com is a very qualified diamond ring buyer and we want to invite you today to sell your diamond rings with us.

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