Gold appraisals

redollar experts appraising and analysing gold jewelry with loupeIn the near future you plan to sell gold? Do you know how much your gold is worth? Approximately. No? Good that you found our website. When you plan to sell gold and you have no knowledge about the precious metal and the value determination, then we highly recommend gold appraisals. A gold appraisal is essential for selling gold. A gold appraisal gives you a precise idea of your gold’s value, especially if you want to sell an entire collection of gold in form of ingots, bars and coins or also in form of gold jewelry. But not only for selling gold, gold appraisals are essential. Also if you have inherited gold it can be very wise to determine the value of your heritage, not at least to define an insurance value. Not seldom we hear stories from people who became victims of a burglary and once their gold is robbed, it often turns out that people haven’t insured their gold. But why? Not seldom people underestimate the value of their gold or they simply forget to insure their gold valuables. Depending on where you live, burglaries can happen more often or more seldom but nevertheless everybody can become a potential victim of burglary, even in gated communities or areas that rank among the safest in the nation. So if you are in possession of a not insignificant low amount of gold, then you should consider to commission a gold appraisal to have it black on white how much your gold is worth. When you have a gold appraisal you can consult insurance companies to negotiate your insurance cover for your gold. We recommend not to challenge your luck but the decision is on you.

Where can I commission gold appraisals?

reDollar is the best place where you can not only sell your gold but you can also get free gold appraisals. We offer you an entire online solution. That makes selling very safe and convenient. Once you have sent us a picture and a short description of your items we will provide you with an instant quote for your valuables including a fully insured shipping solution for selling your gold with us. This service applies to gold, jewelry, diamonds and watches. Don’t forget that you have no obligations and all our services are cost-free for you. Even if you don’t sell with us, you may refer us to a friend or family and that’s our greatest aim. Our experts are highly trained and experienced what allows them to assess every kind of precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, pink gold, as well as silver, platinum and palladium. In all forms and facets, no matter if you want to sell exclusive fine jewelry, or dental gold. We are definitely your first address for meaningful and highly professional gold appraisals. You’re very welcome to test our services. Meet our appraisers and get your gold appraisal just within minutes.

Important facts about gold appraisals

gold experts checking gold bracelet with professional loupeThe value of gold and other precious metals like silver, platinum and a palladium depends on two major facts. The weight and the purity of the precious metal. This two facts are the most important price building facts to estimate the value. Generally it can be said, the higher the weight, the higher the price. If also gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds are involved, the value estimation is more complex and has to be accompanied by a gemologist. The purity is from great importance for determining the price. Because gold in its pure form (24 karat) is very soft, other metals are admixed to create a harder composition that rings, necklaces and brooches e.g. are more stable so they can’t be deformed easily. By the addition of other metals such as copper, nickel, or silver for example different purity degrees are created. The purity of gold is based on international standards, always indicated in karat: 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, or even 20 karat gold. The number of karats indicate the ratio of gold compared to the amount of the other used metals. 24 karat gold is pure gold, therefore it’s the most expensive and finest form of gold. The lower the purity level, the lower the gold items’ value. An 18 karat scrap gold brooch with a weight of 5 pennyweights reflects a material value of $219.4, the same brooch with the same weight but just made of 14 karat gold reflects only a value of $171.10. This example shows impressively the significant price difference of different gold purities.

Solely deal with experts

When you want to get a gold appraisal for your assets, then please solely deal with certified experts who are skilled enough to the different analyzing methods. Gold needs to be treated with care and sensitivity. You can’t analyze antique gold jewelry with the same methods than scrap gold for example but unfortunately some gold buyers do so. Acid testing is strictly forbidden in such a case. Gold pieces from high value, expensive brands or lavishly set with diamonds or other gemstones can’t be treated like old gold. Choose your gold appraiser carefully and set highest importance on experience, knowledge and if possible on an excellent reputation. Meet our appraisers today to get a quick value estimation for your gold. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Did you know that provides you a detailed laboratory report for the valuables you send us? With us you get a detailed analysis report for your gold jewelry, no matter if you finally sell with us or not. This service is absolutely fabulous and unique.

Laboratory reports with detailed gold appraisals

Laboratory report redollar gold takes your gold appraisal serious. When you mail in your gold to us, you will get an in-depth laboratory report that lists all your items with a detailed analysis result. We describe your items, classify them and determine a fair selling value for you. This service is free for you and for us a gift to our valued customers. At no point of time we will charge you for our appraisal work. We see it as matter of course to share information and knowledge about gold, other precious metals and gemstones with you. You should become part of our appraisal work and participate from our expert knowledge, this is what make a fruitful and satisfying business-customer relationship. Give us a try and let us convince you of our highly professional work ethic and outstanding customer services. – Transparent & beneficial like a bank.


Maria TaitMaria Tait jewelry expert redollar looking at gold jewelry is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Maria is always available for your inquiries related to jewelry in general, fine jewelry and antique jewelry. If you have any questions about gold appraisals, ask Maria a question. It’s free and she is always excited and curious to receive new inquiries about any kind of gold appraisal.

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