Gold Buy Back Program

The amount of unused gold circulating in the US is unbelievable. We speak about tons of gold, millions of pieces in any price range. But where does all this gold come from? Many people think that divorces and heritages are the raw material supplier number one. Generally, divorces and heritages bring a lot of gold back to the market, but it’s not the most important source where pre-owned gold comes from. The most used or unwanted gold comes from private individuals: rings which doesn’t fit anymore, broken necklaces, earrings with missing closers, single cufflinks, coins with rim nicks, damaged gold watches or even dental gold, are responsible for millions of dollars in gold, traded every year. Let’s assume that 25% of all circulating jewelry is, for any reason, unwanted. What do you think how much is the US total amount we are talking about? Do we speak about billions or maybe about trillions? Nobody knows. But what we know for sure is that almost every second US household and individual own some gold which they don’t need anymore. For various reasons beginning with damages and ending with old-fashioned designer jewelry. We also know that these facts are the reason why you look for a gold buy back program. You will be happy to hear that runs one of the most transparent gold buy back programs all over the US.

Gold Buy Back with Gold Calculator

We estimate that 9 out of 10 pre-owned gold pieces sell for the material value. That’s significant, isn’t it? Therefore, our management decided to create a gold calculator. This calculator is the most important tool of our gold buy back program. Individuals are welcomed to calculate the amount of their gold by themselves. Many people are used to gold and know very exactly what they own. The others just need a scale and a magnifier to do the first steps alone: spot the hallmarks and weigh the gold related to the markings. The determined weight in pennyweights or gram is needed to calculate the payment amount. Just use our calculator to learn more about the buy back prices of our program.

Gold Buy Back without Calculator: start right now

Many consumers are not interested in running efforts. Some are busy others simply don’t want to get into. Anyhow, we do the job for you. There are absolutely no efforts beside starting online and mail in your gold. Starting online takes only 2 minutes and mailing is maximal convenient, thanks to the free pick up that we offer our clients. All our services are free, without obligation to sell and of course hassle-free. Our gold buy back division provides a report showing you the quality and the amount of your delivered gold. You can see the amount in pennyweight and the offered prices too. We think that consumers have the right to know what kind of gold they sell. Run a comparison and ask your next door gold buyer. We are very sure that most dealers are not happy to share such information with you. Normally, the majority of buyers make a secret about such facts. But we don’t think so. We often compare the selling of gold with the selling of currencies. Would you exchange your Canadian Dollars or your Japanese Yens to dollars without knowing the amount? We guess never ever, right? Don’t forget GOLD is related to currencies because of the value, which will be determined on the stock exchange. You can check the value of your gold at any time just by reading the gold chart. This works with scarp gold, gold jewelry or gold coins as well.

Only a transparent Gold Buy Back Program is trustworthy Gold Buy Back Program

Many customers complained that our competitors are not willing to say how much gold is worth, today. This was hard to believe for us because gold sells per pennyweight or gram. There should be no discussion around the value. What we did was calling some competitors (randomly chosen). It was a great surprise to learn that about 7 out of 10 gold buyers were not willing to tell us the price. We also asked the buyers for the reason and the argument was always the same: we have to see what you offer, to make an offer.

We think they do it on purpose!

You have no chance to compare, if they don’t tell you a price. And this is what they want. We are convinced that a reliable gold buy back program has to come with purchase prices. And we provide you these prices at anytime. We recommend to compare local buy back locations to find out who pays the most cash. Start online right now or start with your own comparison. But beware of lures and seller’s premiums: the highest prices come without premiums. Good luck and take care!

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