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reDollar folks discuss gold chartsAssets made of gold can be sold for the highest prices: jewelry, scrap gold, coins, bullion, dental gold, bracelets, chains, nuggets, wedding bands, engagement rings, brooches and much more. If you also plan to sell gold, you need a reliable gold exchange to turn your gold into Dollars. Act now and get started online to get paid on the day after tomorrow. is a gold exchange for any kind of gold. Our experts are used to high end jewelry as well as to coins or nuggets. If you sell scrap gold it has to undergo a melting process. In contrast to scrap gold, high end jewelry will not be damaged. We would also never remove remarkable diamonds or gems from the ring mounting. When your deal with you can be sure to get the most satisfied way of turning gold into Dollars. You can reach our appraisers directly to discuss your special needs. Just give us a call and you will be forwarded to a specialized expert to discuss all your questions and concerns.

How to deal with your gold exchange operates nationwide. For this reason we don´t run local branches. Offering the best way to exchange gold with the honest guarantee to get paid more than your local dealer offers you, is our most important goal. Start right now to get paid in less than 48 hours. Fill in our sales form and tell us some personal information like your name. Describe the gold items that you are planing to sell and proceed with the delivery to our labs. We offer a free pick service at your home or your office. As an alternative you can also use our prepaid shipping label for USPS or FedEx. Please keep in mind that shipping can be insured up to $100,000.

We don´t ask for SSN and you don´t need to have a bank account

Our gold exchange would never ask for your SSN. And if you would like to get paid without using a bank account you should know that we also offer money orders to cash out. There are thousands of stores like Walmart or Publix turning your money order into hard cash.

Our current gold exchange rate for the US

Currently we are offering $2297.43 per ounce of fine gold
Currently we are offering $1600.33 per ounce of 18k scrap gold
Currently we are offering $1248.26 per ounce of 14k scrap gold
Currently we are offering $887.65 per ounce of 10k scrap gold

Reasons why you are looking for a gold exchange

  • You’d like to get some extra cash? Hurry and cash out. Prices are top.
  • You got divorced and you need the support of a gold exchange to get rid of your unwanted memories? Hurry, is the place you are looking for.
  • You would like to be free from debt? Depending on the amount you need, you can get freedom from debt. Our gold exchange will turn your unwanted gold into Dollars. Sell your assets to our company and you can keep out of debt.
  • You inherited gold you don´t have use for? Perfect, sell it to our gold exchange and get paid top Dollars for your items.

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