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You are looking for the best gold and silver pawn solution? Welcome to reDollar.com – the pawn shop from the next generation, coming with consumer friendly terms. You should not trust your next door pawn shop because there are so many unreliable gold and silver pawn shops all across the country asking for interest that can bring you into death. Charging you interest up to 30% and sometimes more – also against the law. reDollar.com is doing a much better job because we only charge affordable interests starting at 3%. Besides we are not an unqualified gold and silver pawn shop. We are running a specialist department equipped with the newest technologies to identify your gold or silver. No matter if you like to pawn modern jewelry, vintage jewelry, very exclusive fine jewelry or diamond jewelry. We never fail. That’s for sure. Hurry and get your cash at latest on the day after tomorrow.  Start online and pawn your gold or your silver in less than 3 minutes.

Gold and silver pawn quotes overview

We ask for affordable interest starting at 3%. The low interest rates allow us to lend you more money for a piece. Depending on the item we can lend up to 85% of the current retail value. In comparison with our gold and silver pawn shop competitors, you need just 1 gold item instead of 2 gold items to secure the pawn loan you want.

Our actual gold pawn and silver pawn quotes:

 GOLD  24K $2031.18  $65.31
GOLD  18K  $1435.21  $46.15
GOLD  14K  $1119.46  $36.00
GOLD  10K  $796.06  $25.60
SILVER  .999  $26.62  $0.86
SILVER .925 $21.75 $0.70

Gold and Silver Pawn Solutions

Gold and silver is the perfect collateral to secure a pawn loan. We accept any kind of jewelry (rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bangles, earrings, pendants, bracelets and much more), coins, bullion, accessories, watches or collectibles. We accept jewelry, worth just $100 as well as jewelry worth into the $100,000’s. We can serve all needs: the little money as well as the big money.

A recommendable gold and silver pawn shop should be familiar with gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our appraisers are able to deal with all precious metals, with diamonds and also with luxury watches. Our employees are very well trained to handle also very complex situations. We can determine the pawn value of high end jewelry without removing the stones from the ring mounting, for example. Or we are also able to find out if gold pieces are just thick gold plated by using our X-ray in combination with ultrasound and turbulent flow analysis without destroying the pieces. Our management is permanently seeking the hottest and newest technical knowledge from all over the world to become better every day. Our target is to become the most important gold and silver pawn shop all over the US.

reDollar.com is more than a normal Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

We enjoy describing ourselves as the next generation gold and silver pawn shop. We keep up with the times offering contemporary terms. Affordable interests, reliable support and a clear payment arrangement makes a pawn shop to a consumer friendly place. We want you to trust us as your long term partner for your permanent or short-term pawn needs. Your recommendation for our gold and silver pawn solutions is our greatest wish. We don’t want you do bring you into death like other financial instruments. We also don’t want you to lose your collateral. We provide pawn solutions that allow you to afford repaying your pawn loan on time. With reDollar you have a choice.

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