How much is a gram of gold worth?

How much is a gram of gold worth? A question we hear very often from our appreciated clients. For beginners and those who are not in contact with gold very often, it’s a reasonable question. Gold is not gold. We differentiate between different alloys of gold. That means that gold not always has the same purity. The purity of gold determines the value of gold. The highest purity of gold is 24K. 24K gold has a purity of 99,95% pure gold. This type of gold is used for the manufacturing of bullions such as gold bars and gold coins. Jewelry with such a high purity won’t be produced in the US. In the Arabian area and India, gold jewelry with a very high purity such as 22K is very common and widespread. The other alloys that we present you are 18K, 14K and also 10K gold. The alloys 18K and 14K are widely spread in the US for the manufacturing of jewelry. 10K is rarely in circulation. Please find below our current prices for gold per gram. Check our listing and find out how much is gold worth per gram. If you are not familiar with gold and it’s the first time that you gain basic knowledge in this special field, you will be amazed how much is a gram of gold worth. It’s amazing. If you would like to sell your gold, why not with us? We offer you very attractive prices for your precious gold! Use our innovative
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How much a gram is worth:

  24k gold is worth 18k gold is worth 14k gold is worth 10k gold is worth
current value  $69.15 to $72.99/ gram  $51.92/ gram  $40.49/ gram  $28.80/ gram

How much is gold worth per gram?

Many people calculate in grams and others in dwt. It’s up to you which unit of measurement you prefer. Both units are widespread and common in the US.

It depends on the stock market price how much a gram of gold is worth. The reDollar experts always keep an eye on the market situation (see the photo, left) for talking the price situation with our customers.

If you plan to sell gold, we highly recommend to compare the prices! When you visit local gold buyers, always ask them “how much is a gram of gold worth” and specify the alloy of gold that you would like to sell. A reliable gold buyer should always be able to answer you this question precisely. Also if you want to make a comparison by phone, ask for the prices per gram. This helps you a lot to find a reliable place where to sell your gold. Please never answer to the question “how much money do you need for your gold?” That’s not the point! What you need and what you have are two different things. What if you answer “I need $1,000” and in fact your gold is worth much more money, $1,700 for example. Do you really think the buyer is happy to give you the real market value of the gold or do you think he will only offer you what you need? Yes, we think he will only offer you what you need and this gives him the opportunity to make a huge profit. So please avoid this situations when you consult local gold buyers.

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With reDollar, you don’t have this possible troubles! We answer all your questions precisely and transparent. We don’t have anything to hide and our goal is to win you as satisfied customer. We do not depend on single huge profits, our philosophy is to offer our clients the best possible prices with only a little margin for us. When you come to the point that you own gold, equal in which form and you plan to sell it, then do it with us? Start the sales process immediately and use our gold calculator to find out how much money is a gram of gold worth or call our friendly customer support representatives, we are glad to assist you. We are specialized to buy all kinds of gold, damaged gold, brand-new gold, scrap gold, jewelry, fine jewelry from luxury brands, bullions, accessories or dental gold. With us you can sell every kind of gold to top Dollars. The sales process is safe and easygoing. Many local gold buyers don’t run their business transparent, they don’t publish prices and their purchase strategies are often very nebulous. Of course there are also reliable and very honest buyers out there but to find them needs time. Save your precious time and make the deal with us, you won’t regret it!

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