How to sell jewelry?

On the whole it can be said that you have just a couple of options to sell jewelry. You can sell your jewelry online, you can sell your jewelry to a local buyer, you can sell it on eBay or you offer it on craigslist. That’s it. We tell you more about the different ways to sell.

How to sell jewelry online?

Well, we are an online jewelry buyer and therefore we can tell you exactly how it works to sell jewelry online and which pros and cons are coming with that option. The most important pro is the price. We guess that you can’t get a better price than online with us. The small con is the handling time. It takes between 1 and 2 working days to sell your jewelry online and maybe 1 day more to get your cash. Don’t sell online, if you are in an emergency and you need the cash today. If you can wait 1, 2 or 3 days for your cash, then sell online. It’s not only our company doing a good job. There are many other online buyers offering good quotes. But don’t trust every online buyer. Some act like local buyers and offer little money for your jewelry. Only sell online if you find a gold calculator or a price list with the current quotes. Sell only if you know what you get paid.

Experts unlock your jewelry

To be honest, 95 pieces of 100 offered pieces are worth just the gold or the silver value. But about 5 pieces are more worth than just the material value. Our company, for example is running a discovery department for jewelry. It’s our target to find special pieces. And we don’t do it for our profit. We do it for you because we tell you what we found and for how much this piece can be sold for. We also provide a purchase offer and it’s up to you what you do. You can agree or you can reclaim your item or your items back, hassle-free and without extra charges. Furthermore we are open 24/7 to guarantee the best advice for all Americans from coast to coast.

How to sell jewelry to a local buyer?

You can also sell jewelry to local buyers. There are jewelers, pawn brokers and gold buyers offering cash for your jewelry. Some are reliable and more of them are unreliable. We know for sure that the local quotes are mostly not competitive. Sometimes it’s because the buyers want to make a huge profit and sometimes it’s because they are not able to determine the real value. We know a story, where a gold buyer melted a 2 carat diamond ring because he thought he has bought a ring with a Moissanite. The diamond survived the melting process and it was the refinery figuring out what it is. A 2 carat diamond is worth over $10,000. Don’t get us wrong. Many buyers are doing an awesome job and also online jewelry buyers can fail but it always depends where you offer your jewelry for sale.

How to sell jewelry on eBay?

eBay is not bad to sell jewelry if you know how to do. We also love eBay and from time to time we sell some jewelry on eBay too. Generally it’s a simple process, also for you as a private seller. But there are some barriers and risks you should know:

  • You have to know exactly what you are bringing to auction. You are responsible for your offer. You could get in trouble because of a wrong selling description.\
  • You need best knowledge to specify your jewelry’s facts: gold alloy, gemstone weight, provenience, goldsmith, silversmith, designer, manufacturer, ring size and many other facts. Go ahead, if you are able to provide this information.
  • Selling causes commissions: commission for online auctions can be in the range of 8% and 12%, depending on the provider. Commissions in local auction houses are in the range of 10% to 25%. You have to keep in mind that commissions reduce your net payout.
  • If you sell in an online auction using PayPal, it can take up to weeks until you finally get your money. Well, you can see the amount in your account but it’s pending and not possible to access.
  • You are responsible for shipping and handling. The buyer can make you a hard time or he could left a negative feedback for lost or damages on the shipped jewelry.

You have to know what you sell. Keep in mind that also individuals are responsible for selling on eBay.

How to sell jewelry on craigslist?

Craigslist is really cool. Craigslist is a part of the American web history and one of the best places to sell stuff in your neighborhood. We can really recommend you to sell stuff like furniture, cars or electronics on craigslist. But for an individual it can be dangerous to offer jewelry on craigslist. You could get hi-jacked. Jewelry is a very valuable and delicate good and nothing for such a place.

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