Gold is truly valuable! But how much is your gold worth?

Gold chain on 100 dollar banknotesIt’s essential to know that gold is not gold. Gold comes in different alloys (purity levels) and makes. A piece of jewelry made of 18K gold is more worth than a piece of of 14K gold. A very special and exclusively handmade piece of jewelry is more worth than a machine-made jewelry. Further factors like the rarity, the condition, the weight, the alloy, the workmanship, the used materials such as important diamonds and gemstones and the provenience can affect how much your gold item is worth. In many cases it can be said that the price of your gold item is based on the material price. 95% of all gold items like jewelry, coins, bars or scrap gold can be sold for a little less than the current market price. All you need is a reliable gold dealer. Learn more where to sell gold. reDollar is a great place where you can sell your gold. We belong to players in the industry that pay the highest prices. 90% for scrap gold and 95% for bullion is our best price guarantee to our valued customers. We bet you won’t find a better place as private customer to sell your gold.

Our reDollar purchase prices at a glance:

9K gold per gram $25.99
10K gold per gram $28.75
14K gold per gram $40.43
18K gold per gram $51.83
22K gold per gram $63.31
24K gold per gram $69.04

9K gold per dwt $40.28
10K gold per dwt $44.56
14K gold per dwt $62.67
18K gold per dwt $80.34
22K gold per dwt $98.13
24K gold per dwt $107.02

9K gold per oz $808.18
10K gold per oz $894.16
14K gold per oz $1257.41
18K gold per oz $1612.06
22K gold per oz $1968.87
24K gold per oz $2147.27

How much is gold worth? The gold price

If you are just looking for the current gold price per ounce – here you are: $2383.47 If you would like to learn more, go ahead and start calculating. If you ask yourself how much your special gold item is worth, please proceed as follows:

Find out of which kind of alloy your piece of gold is made of. Then use a scale to determine the piece’s weight. Finally use a calculator like our price calculator to find out how much your gold is worth. The calculated result is based on the current gold price. If your piece of gold is mounted with diamonds please get in touch with our experts to get an offer or consider a premium for the diamond(s). We pay 90% of the stock market value for your gold that is considered as scrap gold. For bullion we pay up to 95%. Our prices are not an empty promise – our prices are guaranteed.

How much is gold worth? The gold alloys

reDollar experts discussing 18K goldEvery gold item has an inside value based on the stock price. The current stock price for one ounce of pure gold is $2383.47. Pure gold, also named fine gold, is very soft and can’t be used for the jewelry production. Pure gold has to be mixed with other metals like cooper or silver to increase its hardness. 18K gold means that this piece of gold is made of 75% pure gold. 18K gold is less worth than pure gold – to be exact 18K gold is worth 75% of pure gold because 18K gold comes with a part of  75% of pure gold. This is a very important and essential information if you plan to sell 18K gold. Beware of selling your gold to an unknown company without being well informed. So ask yourself “how much is gold worth” before you finally sell. Be aware of prices so that you can sell your gold at eye level, knowing that you are making a good deal.

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