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redollar experts are appraising gold jewelry with microscopeWhat makes the difference between an average jewelry expert and an excellent jewelry expert? Two major attributes distinguish an excellent jewelry expert from an average jewelry expert: knowledge and impartiality. An excellent jewelry expert is not gravitated to certain pieces of jewelry. A perfect jewelry expert has the ability to appraise and evaluate a piece of jewelry completely unbiased and with the full exploitation of his intellectuality and expert knowledge. A professional jewelry expert does not get nervous or emotionally influenced if he is appraising fine jewelry worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Knowledge and experience is essential for being a good jewelry expert because it is knowledge that let you differentiate between a treasure and a less valuable or important piece of jewelry just within seconds. There are many so-called jewelry experts on the internet, promising to have expertise in jewelry of every kind. Our own experience over the last years has shown that the great majority of self-proclaimed experts out there are even not very close to be experts at all. We can name ourselves jewelry experts because we truly are experts in the jewelry business. Jewelry – this is an elastic term. To be an expert in jewelry you must be expertised in precious metals, in gemstones, in different jewelry styles and epochs and you should be informed about the jewelry styles and objects of the most important jewelers of our age and the past. To perform the task of a jewelry expert perfectly it’s often not possible that only one person can fully cover all areas of that needed knowledge. That’s the reason why employs professionals in every of this sectors. We have highly skilled gemologists, precious metal specialists, goldsmiths and jewelry experts with an background in art history on board. There is no piece of jewelry, we cannot handle, appraise, buy our pawn for you. Get started now or contact us to get in touch with our jewelry experts.


Maria Tait is checking gold bangle braceletOur head of jewelry, Maria Tait. Maria is a full professional of jewelry. Her personal passion is jewelry form Van Cleef & Arpels. As long as she can think she was deeply impressed by the exceptional designs and the world of haute joaillerie her business has lead her. Maria has a university degree in European art history and works in the jewelry business for over 15 years. As daughter of a goldsmith and jewelry maker the passion for jewelry and the story behind a jewel is what Maria is fascinated about since she was a child. When Maria has vacation, you can be sure to find her at a jewelry fair or exhibition for exceptional jewels, anywhere in the world.

Alan Jensen is checking gold bracelet 18Karat with loupeAlan Jensen is our expert for precious metals. Alan is in the pawn and jewelry business an established name since 1991. At the beginning of his career he has worked for an auction house in Dallas where he was responsible for jewelry, bullions, coins and silverware in countless auctions. Later Alan decided to run his own business, opened and took over a couple of pawn shops and jewelry stores in the US, Brazil and in Canada. After he has sold his stores to a well-known Israeli jewelry trading company he has joined us and is now our head of appraisers and the manager of the melting and assaying division. Alan always says he loves the simplicity of the value estimation of precious metals. And that’s true. He is a gold fanatic and if there is anybody who can tell you something about the gold price trend or its development, it’s Alan Jensen.

Tamay Rostan is checking gemstones, rubies and sapphiresTamay Rostan is our diamond and gemstone genius. There is no gemstone existing which was not in Tamay’s hands before. We affectionally call her our company’s gem because there were thousands of occasions when Tamay enlightened us with her outstanding skills as gemstone and diamond expert. Not seldom we would have made fatal financially mistakes if we would not have Tamay on board. This smart lady finds every flaw, treatment, enhancement or fake in a gemstone or diamond. No matter how hard the bad guys are working on their falsifications or badly treated stones. Tamay Rostan started her great career at the Colorado School of Mines. She has a Bachelors degree in Geology, is a Graduated Gemologist (GIA) and belongs to the national Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Her favorite traveling destinations are in Asia where she spends her favorite time on gemstone markets, bargaining for the best price for rough gemstones.

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Real jewelry experts have nothing to hide and share every secret with you. Why not? Transparent online jewelry experts like us perform their work under a video camera so that you can be part of the appraisal process. Transparency is not a matter of professionalism, for us it’s a matter of course.

Your jewelry expert – benefits

redollar jewelry experts discussing fine jewelry from CartierWhen you are dealing with professional jewelry experts like us than you have many benefits. Especially if you would like to sell fine jewelry or pawn jewelry with us. Our experts are able to determine the value of your jewelry precisely. We don’t oversee even the tiniest detail. Our combined forces what concerns knowledge, experience and pricing structure guarantee a best price for you. Don’t make the mistake and entrust your highly valuable jewelry to somebody who is not skilled enough to offer you a great price, simply because this person might be not able to recognize the value in your jewelry even if this value is obvious for experts. If you want to sell jewelry which is not hallmarked for example, it needs a skilled person who is able to determine the gold purity even if no stamps are available as helping indicator. Or if precious gemstones are set in a beautiful necklace, it needs the expertise of a gemstone expert to determine the exact type of gemstone with additional information like treatments, cut, stone quality, color saturation etc. Another example refers to the age of a jewel. What if you want to sell an important gold bangle bracelet hallmarked with the European gold stamps 750 for 18K gold and the marks GREECE and A20. You need to know and identify the special style of this Greek jewelry so that you will find out that a bracelet like that is from the famous jewelry maker Ilias Lalaounis and sells for over $4,250, much higher than only the gold price. An unskilled buyer would have offered you only the gold value for this bangle bracelet (112.00 grams 18K gold) minus his margin, so maybe around $2,000-$2,500. It’s a matter of course that jewelry from famous jewelers have a higher value and selling price than just the material value. Profound knowledge from experts protects you against a financial loss – with its jewelry experts protects you against a financial loss. We are transparent & beneficial like a bank!

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reDollar experts checking gold hallmarks on ringGive reDollar a try and let our jewelry experts convince you of our high standards and our best prices that we offer you. Knowledge is power and power stands for the ability to pay you high prices. Get started now or order a free selling kit and start selling or pawning with our jewelry experts. You will see, you will not regret your choice. Our jewelry experts are more than happy to work on your jewelry, no matter if it’s brand new jewelry, antique jewelry, fine jewelry from high-end brands or unbranded, old or broken jewelry. We value every single piece you send us and treat it with the needed and appropriate respect. Meet our appraisers to find out how much is your jewelry worth or just browse the interesting questions our clients have asked our experts. It’s up to you- you have the choice. Choose the others or the real jewelry experts – reDollar.


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