Online pawn shops: learn more about online pawning

reDollar tells you more about online pawn shops: the overview

When you search the web for an online pawn shop you will be amazed how many online pawn shops you can find which offer their services online just to fish for clients. The bad news is that nearly none of this websites offer an attractive and appealing website where you can start the online pawning process immediately. The majority of online pawn shop websites are crowded with advertising, videos, illustrations, pawned objects and other things. But nearly no provider offers a quick and easy option to start the pawning process immediately – so why? We don’t have an answer to that question but we have a solution for you. reDollar is also an online pawn shop but with us you don’t have a nice looking homepage only, our website offers also great functions for you. With us you can start the pawning process only with a few clicks. So our website is not an advertising media, it’s a real online pawn shop with all the necessary options you need.

Online pawn shops – what they can

Our research has shown that the majority of online pawn shop websites that are listed in search engines don’t have special functions. So the term online pawn shop does not apply to the majority of those websites. In our opinion an online pawn shop is an Internet platform where the user can directly start the pawning process, like in a local pawn shop. But unfortunately that’s not what you can expect from the pawn shop websites in the Internet. Their only function is to make advertising for their local stores, not less, not more. offers you the possibility to get started now. With us you can start the pawning process immediately. Use our innovative gold calculator when you plan to pawn gold, jewelry, dental gold, platinum, palladium, silver, silverware, bullions or diamonds and calculate your pawning amount for your assets. If you would like to pawn special items like electronics, arts, music instruments or cars then give us a short call or contact us by email and we quickly calculate your pawning amount. Accuracy and speed are our strengths. Our experts have the long lasting knowledge and professionalism to estimate the value of your asset very fast. We do our best to serve you with the best possible service, you are worth it. reDollar is your online pawn shop and not only an advertising website!

Online pawn shops – Transparency? Wrong!

When you check the websites of so called online pawn shops and you would like to check their interest fees than you will be very surprised that you won’t be able to find them. A no go in our opinion. The interest fees that you have to pay back when you make a pawn business are the most important fact for deciding to make the pawn business with this pawn shop or not. When you plan to pawn an item, the pawn broker will tell you the percentage of interest fees you have to repay monthly. But the percentage of interest fees varies a lot. We heard from serious interest rates of 5% per month, as well as very high rates in the range of 15%-30% per month. This would be interest rates of 60% APR or 180-360% APR. So you see, it’s very important to know the conditions before you finally start the pawning process. With us you have the full transparency. You can calculate your pawning amount online and straight after you have filled our pawning form with a short description of your asset(s), you will get an email that informs you in detail about our terms and rates. Get started now and make the deal with us, we bet you won’t regret it!

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