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TAG Heuer is a well-known Swiss manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and markets watches and fashion accessories. Also eye wear and cell phones were manufactured under license by other companies using the brand name TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer watches are famous for their excellent quality as well as for their elegant and timeless design. Brand-new as well as used TAG Heuer watches are very valuable and their prices can go up to many thousands of Dollars depending on the model, the age and the condition. TAG Heuer also won many awards for their impressive designs and convincing technologies. If you are lucky and in possession of such a gorgeous watch and you need instant cash, then reDollar can be your reliable partner in selling your TAG Heuer watch.

We accept all kinds of TAG Heuer watches, no matter if they are used or not. The age does not play a significant role for us, though for very old and rare models we can pay higher prices. Don’t worry if your TAG Heuer watch has little flaws, nevertheless we would be more than happy to buy it from you. The following TAG Heuer watch models are very interesting for us:

  • TAG Heuer Carrera
  • TAG Heuer Grand Carrera
  • Aquaracer
  • TAG Heuer Formula 1
  • Link
  • Monaco
  • Carrera Mikrograph, sell for $10,000 (photo)

You would like to sell your watch to us? We explain how the selling process works.

You have just decided to sell your TAG Heuer to Thank you very much for your trust in us. Selling TAG Heuer to reDollar is that easy and attractive. reDollar is an online company who offers the purchase of luxury watches, precious metals and diamonds online only. We don’t run hundreds of local stores, we operate from one big location of business where all our knowledge is bundled. We employ several experts in every field of what we buy. Our professionals make the appraisals for us which are by the way, totally cost-free for you. We can save high costs for local marketing and expensive rents in raised locations. That advantage allows us that we can pay our clients the highest possible prices for their valuables. Our savings are your profit.

Get started now and sell your TAG Heuer watch to reDollar, this is how it works:

First please fill in our brief sales form which you can find here. Please just specify your basics such as name, address and a short description of the items that you will sell with us. Afterwards please choose a convenient shipping method. We offer a free pick up at your home or office or alternatively a prepaid shipping label, if you would like to manage the shipping by yourself. After 24-48 hours after shipping we receive your items. Our team of experts will analyze your valuables and an offer will be made to you. When you agree, we make an immediate payout, if not, we return your valuables. All our services are cost-free for you. At no point of time you have an obligation to sell. We are sure you will be very satisfied with our service, test us and start selling right now!

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