Pawn your assets online

You are in need of cash? Well, you are in the same situation like hundreds of thousands Americans. Unexpected emergencies, due bills, diseases, unemployment, divorces, a new love, storm damages and thousands of other reasons can bring you into trouble. You have a hard time now and you like to get out of it? Then pawn your assets to secure a pawn loan. Pawning assets comes without asking questions and without a long handling time. A pawn loan can be approved within 24 hours. You say, WOW? Well, it’s not so common to pawn assets to get a loan because there are other possibilities like payday loans. But pawning assets is a lot better than a payday loan because the interest rates are much more affordable. And furthermore, there is NO need of employment.

Pawn your assets: no credit check and no obligation to repay, WOW

Too good to be true? There is a plausible explanation: your assets are used as the collateral. That means, that the value of your assets bails for the amount you were lent. There is no credit check needed, because you provide your assets as the collateral. And therefore you can fail to repay. Well, you should not fail because you can lose your assets. But don’t worry if you fail. There are no balloon interest rates or other fees, bringing you into death. There are no further obligations and it also doesn’t affect your credit score because we NEVER, NEVER share any personal information of our customers with credit rating agencies.

Which assets qualify for pawning? is able to accept various assets. Not only gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds or luxury watches qualify for pawning. Also paintings, lithographs, consumer electronics, collectibles or other items with a value in the rage of $100 and $100,000 can be used as collateral. Our experts are networked with hundreds of appraisers from all over the world. That makes it possible for us also to determining the value of very rare or special items.

There are no special requirements to pawn assets. There is just only one self-evident requirement: the assets have to be your own property without any lien on it. That’s it. Hurry, get started online to get your cash by the day after tomorrow.

How to pawn assets online? has worked very hard to provide a very convenient way to pawn assets online. There are also other online pawn shops offering pawning services. But there is nearly no competitor, providing such a fast and fair process of pawning. You think about a pawn loan? You think about cash, isn’t it? YES! Over 80% of all pawn customers are in need of cash. But other online pawn shops only offer payment methods like direct deposit or check. But it needs a bank account to get that cash fast. goes a better way because we also offer cash without using a bank account. How it works? We mail you a money order. And you know exactly that a money order is like cash and can be cashed at Walmart, Publix and hundreds of thousands of other spots in the US.

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