Pawn your collectibles to get a fast loan

You are running out of money? You are in debt? You like to pay your bills on time? You need some extra money to cover unexpected expenses? You need some dollars for an event with a person you love? We don’t ask for whatever reason you need the money. We don’t run a credit check and we don’t ask questions concerning your financial situation. All you need are assets like your collectibles to get started right now.


Using your collectibles as a collateral is the fastest way to secure a pawn loan. A pawn loan is much cheaper than a payday loan and there is NO obligation to repay the loan. Of course you have to repay if you would like to get your collectibles back but just for the absolutely worst case it’s good to know that you can fail to redeem without being afraid of consequences like balloon interest fees or additional charges. And don’t worry, if you need more time to repay, keep on going and prolong your pawn term. Pay just for the interest fees and prolong up to a whole year or longer without any consequences and without losing your beloved collaterals. Take the time you need to repay the full amount. We don’t make you a hard time.

Use any kind of collectibles to secure a pawn loan

There are no special regulations for collectibles using as collateral: trading cards, militaria stuff, watches, clocks, decorative collectibles, jewelry, porcelain, paintings, prints, dolls, silverware, vintage musical instrument, figurines, bowls, flags, miniatures, ornaments, pitchers, spoons, plates, pots, helmets, uniforms and much more. There is just one important fact for pawning your collectibles: the total pawn value amount has to be $100 or higher.

How to pawn my collectibles right now?

Pawning your collectibles is that easy. Just get started online and tell us your basic information. Please list your collectibles that you would like to pawn in the specified form. Finally, find your preferred way to ship your collectibles to our labs. You can schedule a free pick-up at your home or your office or you request a free shipping label to pawn your items on the fastest way. Please keep in mind that you can use all your collectibles but don’t forget to think about our minimum pawn amount starting at $100. We are very sorry but using collectibles worth less than $100 is not possible. Last but not least, don’t forget to wrap your items very well. Porcelain and other fragile stuff needs your special attention. It would be amazing if you have some air cushion handy. If not, please use old newspaper to fill out your shipping box.

We help to protect the environment using pre-used boxes and filling materials for shipping and handling. You can follow our company policy using your pre-owned shipping boxes from your last Amazon buy.

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