Pawning gold jewelry with reDollar and make a great pawning experience!

Pawning gold jewelry online is a very modern and convenient – Try it!

reDollar offers a new method of pawning. With us you can pawn your assets like gold jewelry for example, online. Online pawning has many advantages for you. Especially for hard working people or handicapped people pawning online is a great thing because you don’t have to leave your office or home to make the deal with us. Long drives are the past. Pawning online is simple and convenient. You start the pawning process online via our website and ship your assets to us. We offer you free and insured shipping methods, that guarantee the save arrival at our head office. For really high-value items you can choose a secured courier pick up. We analyze your collateral and within hours we make you a great offer including all costs and fees, very transparent. Our flexible payment options PayPal, money order, bank transfer or check are optimal for people who want to protect their anonymity. Payment will be made instantly. You see, pawning gold jewelry and other valuables, has never been so easy before.

Pawning gold jewelry – a great kind of collateral

We all know the situations of needing money for unforeseen expenses. For whatever reason you need liquid funds, we can help you out of this situation. There are many items which are suitable for pawning but especially gold jewelry is a good collateral to overcome difficult times. Gold jewelry has a quantifiable value and is dispensable as well, this makes it the perfect collateral for pawning.

When we talk about pawning gold jewelry, we mean every type of gold jewelry. reDollar offers you top rates for your gold jewelry even if it’s damaged, old-fashioned or broken. We are your trustworthy partner for pawning gold jewelry of every kind. Our in house experts have consolidated knowledge in the field of jewelry appraisal that allows us to offer you very good prices because we don’t have to calculate a risk buffer like others. You own an old gold bracelet and you have no use for it anymore buy you would like to pay your latest medical bills? We recommend you to use our gold calculator which gives you more information about our prices. Learn if your gold is real or not if you have doubts that you bracelet is made of gold. On basis of the weight and the alloy of your bracelet you can calculate our prices by yourself or please get in touch with us by phone, chat or email and we help you! Isn’t it amazing how transparent we operate? Unfortunately the great majority of our competitors does not share their price policy with their clients, but why? Do they have something to hide? I think so, maybe their bad prices. reDollar has nothing to hide, we share our prices with our clients and the public, that’s how transparent pawning should work. Convinced? Don’t lose your precious time and start pawning gold jewelry now!

reDollar takes the discreet business of pawning gold jewelry serious

We know that for many people it’s not a good feeling to walk in a (local) pawn shop. We all know from our own experience that it’s embarrassing for people to beg for money or to admit that they need money which they don’t have at the moment. Often pawn shops don’t look inviting or are located not in the very best areas. That’s not a cliché that’s the truth but also wealthy people can come in the situation of needing liquid funds but they are not enthused to consult a local pawn shop. Also if anybody they know like a friend, family member or business colleague could spy them, makes them feeling nervous. We share this thoughts with you. That’s why we founded our online pawn shop where you can pawn your valuable assets like gold jewelry, diamonds or luxury watches without concerns and fears. Pawning gold jewelry with reDollar guarantees your anonymity. The transaction of pawning gold jewelry is fast, simple and anonymous. Nobody gets involved in our deal. If you have further questions to our services, please get in touch with us personally, we would love to hear from you!

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