Pawning your gold: 3 months loan for pawned gold

Pawning gold can help you out of financial needs. We guess you are looking for some extra money to cover unexpected expenses. Maybe you would like to pay a bill in time or you just need some extra cash between your paychecks. Pawning gold is the solution because you get a loan, based on your gold, for up to 3 months. You can redeem after a couple of days or at the last day of your 3 months term and offers a very special service: you can pay your interest fees monthly or at the end of your 3 months term period. It’s up to you what you prefer.

Pawning gold: no credit check, no employment needed no paperwork

Pawning gold is a very convenient way to get a loan. Your pawned gold is the only collateral we need to approve your loan amount. You don’t have to answer a list of questions and there is also no proof of employment needed. Furthermore we don’t run a credit check and we don’t share your information with credit agencies. Pawning gold is extremely discreet and the best way to get a fast loan.

Did you know that there is no obligation to repay your pawn loan? Yes, it’s really true, you can fail and failing doesn’t affect your credit rating. Ok, failing means that you can lose your pawned gold but nevertheless it’s good to know that there are no further obligations in the worst case scenario. We trust in your will to redeem your pawned gold. It’s that simple for us. We trust your wish to repay because you are willing to use your loved gold as collateral. You wouldn’t do that if you don’t really plan to repay.

Pawning gold means that you can use any type of gold as collateral: engagement rings, wedding bands, vintage or antique rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, necklaces and any other kind of jewelry. And of course, you can also use gemstone or diamond jewelry for pawning. The more gold you bring in the more money you can expect.

What happens to your pawned gold after 3 months?

You don’t lose your gold if you can’t repay your loan amount in full. Don’t worry. There is just one need that you have to follow: pay the interest fees every 3 months to prolong your loan term up to further 3 months. Absolutely nothing happens, if you do this. We store your pawned gold in our deposit boxes until you can redeem your gold. It’s safe and fully insured. Furthermore we store your pawned gold in a safe deposit box of a huge bank institute. That’s a lot safer than in an average pawn shop. Pawning is so convenient and safe. What are you waiting for? Start today with pawning your gold.

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