Places to sell gold – a comparison of different ways to sell gold

Thousands of Americans are planning to sell gold, every day. But how to find reliable places to sell gold for a competitive price? We compared the opportunities and we summarized the pros and cons of each place. The most important point you have to consider is, that having some knowledge about the gold you plan to sell can be a great advantage for you.

Places to sell gold – the online opportunity

Online is a very convenient way to sell gold. We would say, it is the best place to sell gold, if you know a trustable online buyer. That is, however, precisely the problem. Finding or knowing a reliable dealer. We, as an online gold buyer, know what you have to look out for. We tested several online gold buyers promising to pay the best prices or the highest prices. What unites all the online buyers is the fact that they don’t publish their purchase prices. We also called them to ask for a quote each pennyweight. All of them declined giving out quotes. The all argued, that it’s only possible to tell a quote if the item you plan to sell is determined in person. That’s a lie! Scrap gold has a specified value. Each dealer is able to calculate a quote. But they don’t do that because of maximizing their profit.

And now? There are alternatives like reDollar. We and also other reliable only buyers are offering an online gold calculator or different price lists. You know exactly how much you can expect, if you sell your gold with us. Using a scale and knowing your gold’s karat makes it possible to calculate your payout amount before you mail in your gold.

Pros: The most convenient way to sell gold. It’s the best way, if you know a really reliable dealer.
Cons: The selling process could be nontransparent, if you don’t know a reliable dealer.

Places to sell gold – the local dealer opportunity

Selling to a local dealer is very similar to selling gold online. You can get your cash fast, if you know a reliable place. But consider, that it’s for sure that local gold buyers very often buy gold for bad quotes. Of course, there are very reliable places to sell gold. But it’s hard to find this places. Furthermore, selling to a local dealer requires some personal affords. You have to shop around, you stuck in traffic and you spent money for parking. Is that what you want? Probably not!

Be well prepared, know what you own and especially know how much it’s worth, if you really plan to sell your gold to a local dealer.

Pros: Very fast cash. Best option, if you need your cash for solving emergencies on the same day.
Cons: Mostly not the best prices.

Places to sell gold – the auction opportunity

Auctions may make fun. But auctions causes affords, commissions and fees. But especially, it takes a lot of time. You have to ship your gold on your own risk, after selling it in an online auction. Your amount is pending up to a whole month, but at least for nearly 10 days after selling it online. You have the money in your PayPal account but you can’t spend it until it’s pending. Auction gold can make sense but mostly it’s a waste of time and affords.

Pros: buyer protection
Cons: personal affords, commissions, fees, pending money for a long time

Places to sell gold – the flea market opportunity

You own single pieces like a gold ring, a brooch or a necklace made of gold? Things like that can be sold on flea markets. Selling such pieces on a flea market may be an opportunity, if you have enough time and if you love the flea market atmosphere. But beware of pickpockets and other thieves. Many things get stolen on flea markets. Especially gold, jewelry and watches. Selling a whole jewelry collection or very valuable pieces on a flea market is absolutely no opportunity for individuals. You need a lot of experience to get not ripped off.

Pros: no commission for selling, probably a great price if you find a person which falls in love with one of your pieces
Cons: beware of pickpockets, very time-consuming

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