Sell Your 10k Gold to The Most Trusted Buyer in the US

You own some 10K gold that you plan to sell? If yes, you need a reliable an honest gold buyer paying very high prices. 10K gold is not very common in the US because it’s the lowest purity for jewelry allowed to be sold as “gold” and consumers expect gold alloys from higher quality. But 10K gold was well-known in past. Class rings, college rings, emblem rings or crest rings were often made of 10K gold. Most of this rings don’t have a high value except the gold value but some rings are sought-after from collectors if they come from an interesting provenience. But 10K gold was also used for necklaces, medals, earrings and cufflinks. For us it doesn’t matter which items made of 10K gold you plan to sell because we buy gold made of any alloys.

What about the value of 10K gold, if I sell it

10K gold is made of 41.6% of pure gold. In comparison with 18K gold, 10K gold is of worse quality. The bad quality is the main reason why there is no high demand in 10K gold anymore, excepted from antique items or special rings from interesting sources or proveniences. Art Nouveau jewelry, Historism jewelry or Wilhelminian style jewelry was also often made of 10K gold. But only because an item was made in the period of Historism, does not make it valuable. Normally 10K gold sells for the current gold price. One pennyweight of 10K gold is worth $20.22 today or calculated in gram, 1 gram is worth $12.07. But beware if you sell 10K gold to an unknown place in your neighborhood. According to the statistics, the majority of gold buyers offer only between 50% and 75% of the material value. A really high price for your 10K is in the range of 85% to 90% of the current stock price. We highly recommend you to sell your 10K gold only if you get offered a very high price in our recommended price range. for example, can buy your gold for such high prices. And our high prices are not a limited time offer or a lure. We always pay such awesome prices thanks to our company philosophy. Our target is to become one of the top paying gold buying companies in the entire of the US. You don’t do anything wrong, if you sell your 10K gold with us. And hurry, start right now and become another satisfied gold seller. Your selling process with us is worry-free with zero hassles and no obligation to sell.

Sell 10K gold and contribute to save the environment

Did you know that the most gold comes from gold refineries and other gold recycling companies and not from gold mining? Furthermore did you know that recycled gold is greener than mined gold? Well, also gold recycling causes CO2 emissions but never so much than mining. Think a second about the heavy equipment needed for gold mining. Tons of pay dirt has to be moved to mine only some grams of gold. And what about your 10K gold? It melts in minutes to be ready for the recycling process. No heavy machines, not gas and fewer emissions are just the most important benefits of this recycling process. Sell your 10K gold and contribute to safe natural resources.

Sell very valuable or rare 10K gold items with us

As we told you initially, the majority of the circulating 10K gold shows no significant value besides the material value. But from time to time very expensive or curious 10K gold items can be found. We know about a 26” necklace made of 10K gold with 637 diamonds reflecting a total of 17.4 carat. The weight of this necklace was about 300 grams what equals about 193 pennyweights. This necklace was sold for over $10,000 to a fan. It was an extremely rare and special item. Or we also remember a 10K gold ring with mounted diamonds reflecting 2.08 carat. It was an anniversary ring with a suggested resale price of $28,000 which was sold in pre-owned condition for $7,000 to a collector. Or last but not least, we can also remember a 10K white gold ring with a cushion cut solitaire diamond. It was an intense yellow graded diamond, showing 3.42 carat in SI1 clarity grade. We remember very well that the quality of the cut of this diamond achieved excellent in symmetry of proportions, thus obtaining the optimal dispersion of light and brilliance. This 10K gold ring was sold for over $5,000. Our guarantee is that we also unlock your treasure, if you own special 10K gold items that you plan to sell. It’s for sure that we are willing to pay you more cash for such items besides the material value. Sell your 10K gold with us – is the best place you can imagine.

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