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Sell Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin

Swiss 20 Francs Gold Coin, is your place to sell 20 Franc gold coins from Switzerland for a great price. Our company specializes in buying and dealing with gold coins from all over the world. Our experts have tremendous knowledge, and we even have a Swiss gold coin expert on our team. We can buy 20 Franc gold coins worth the current gold value, as well as very rare 20 Franc coins worth much more than just the gold price.

If you plan to sell a Swiss 20 Franc gold coin, you are probably interested in getting paid the highest possible price. Twenty-Franc gold coins are made of 90% gold and weigh 6.452 grams. Thus, every single 20 Franc coin contains 5.807 grams of pure gold. You will be very excited to hear that today, we can pay you $421.92 per coin and even more if it’s a very rare 20 Franc gold coin.

Sell a 20 Franc Gold Coin for $421.92

It’s easy to sell your 20 Franc gold coins with us. Basically, the whole selling process is done in three simple steps, and you can get your cash within 48 hours. For those who value privacy, we also offer money order payments, making it possible for you to receive payment without sharing your bank details with us. We also offer check payments, PayPal payments, wire transfers, direct deposits, and payment via Zelle.

Swiss 20 Franc Performance Chart

If you inherited or bought your 20 Franc gold coins a while ago, you can make a good profit by selling them now. In 1999, a 20 Franc gold coin was worth only $54.15, while today you can sell it for $421.92.

20 Francs gold coin Performance chart from 1999 to 2017

Sell Helvetia Vreneli Coins from Switzerland

Many buyers don’t know how to handle foreign gold coins. We have heard about pawn shops scratching or even filing coins. This treatment causes a severe damage to your coin, and you don’t want that-especially if you end up not making a deal with them. uses the latest equipment, making it possible to check the authenticity of any 20 Franc gold coins, or other coins, without even touching the surface. We use X-ray machines and ultrasonic detectors, so we can tell without question whether or not a coin is authentic.

20 Francs 1898 B gold coin obverse Swiss Helvetia 20 Francs gold coin 1898 reverse view

Swiss 20 Francs SpecificationsFacts
Denomination20 Francs
Purity.900 gold
Gross weight6.452 grams
Net weight5.807 grams
DesignerFritz Ulysse Landry
Thickness1.25 mm
Diameter21.00 mm
Minted since1897

Legend Obverse

20 FR + YEAR

Legend Reverse


Minted: 1897 to 1949

Sell Your 20 Franc Gold Coins to a Worthy Buyer

The 20 Franc gold coin is the most respected gold coin in Switzerland, but it’s also sought after by collectors and investors from all over the world. The coin was minted between 1897 and 1949, outputting over 58 million coins. All minted coins reflect a today’s value of an unbelievable $24471389054.08. The coin was designed in 1895 by Fritz Ulisse Landry, who also designed the 100 Franc gold coin and the silver Franc coin.

Even today, the 20 Franc gold coin is very important to Swiss people and can be found all over the world. We regularly receive inquiries about selling 20 Franc coins from all states, which proves that this beautiful Swiss gold coin made it over the Atlantic Ocean in significant amounts.

If you have plans to sell a 20 Franc Helvetia gold coin or even a whole collection, please consider as your partner to cash out. We promise to pay you the highest possible price for your coins. And remember, there are no obligations involved in the selling process. You can either agree to our offer or decline without questions asked.

A Collection of 20 Franc Gold Coins

Liquidators, appraisers, heirs, and attorneys: offer us your gold coin collections. There is no better place to sell them. We don’t charge any fees and we have the financial ability to easily purchase large collections.

You’ll get a detailed report showing and explaining how we came to our purchase offer. Every individual gold coin will be listed, making it easy for you to prove all proceeds received from the selling transaction.

Finally, did you know that there is no obligation to sell? You can offer us your coins just to find out how much they are worth.

9 Swiss 20 Francs gold coins various years

Falsified 20 Franc Coins

It’s not always easy to identify falsified 20 Franc gold coins because some counterfeits are very well done. While “bad falsifications” often show a wrong gross weight, “good falsifications” show the correct weight and very often they are even made of solid gold. We have seen “perfectly made falsifications” made of solid gold having just one flaw:

they were NOT made of .900 gold. Instead of using 90% pure gold, those scammers used only between 50% and 60% pure gold.

20 Francs 1883

20 Francs 1883 gold coin

20 Francs 1896

20 Francs 1896 gold coin, Switzerland

20 Francs 1930

20 Francs 1930 Swiss gold coin

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