Antique coins can be a truly treasure. Sell antique coins with us

Maybe you have inherited antique coins from your relatives? Or you are a collector and you would like to sort out some unwanted antique coins to make place for new ones? Or you are a treasure hunter who found his antique coins on the sea floor while exploring sunken shipwrecks or you found your antique coins in the course of an archeological excavation? Since we operate in this business we heard the most fascinating stories where our clients found their antique coins. Also on flea markets or in auction houses you can buy very interesting antique coins but especially when you look for such treasures on flea markets you must be very lucky to find a rare piece, it’s like to find the needle in a haystack. When we talk about antique coins we mean very old coins made of gold, silver or platinum. Antique coins should be as old or older than 100 years. Very often you can learn the age of an antique coin from its mint mark.

What makes antique coins so interesting?

The main reason why antique coins are so famous is their age and the fascination connecting with their age. It’s a grandiose feeling having in hands a little piece of history putting you in a time when the antique coin was still in circulation. It’s not the raw material value that makes an antique coins so valuable, it’s the history around the coin that defines the value. For example antique coins with a very little number of coinage can have an outstanding value if only a few of them are in circulation. If you have an antique coin that you would like to sell than you can trust We work with a team of experts from all over the world to determine the value of your antique coins. We don’t set value on the raw material of your antique coin only, appraising antique coins needs to have intuition and expertise. We possess this two quality characteristics which differs us from many of your competitors. When you plan to sell your antique coins with us, you have the guarantee of getting a well-grounded appraisal and a great price offer. Equal if you sell antique coins made of gold or silver, or even made of platinum, in a mint condition or in a defective condition – we buy them all.

I would like to sell my antique coins to – How does the sales process works?

Thank you very much for your trust in us, we welcome you as new client. The process of selling antique coins to us is very simple and secure. Please let us know your basic information such as name and address. A short description of the antique coins that you would like to sell is also recommended as well as a certification of your antique coins, just in case you have one. After finishing this step please choose a convenient way of shipping your antique coins to our laboratory where the evaluation will take place. For the shipping of extremely valuable items we use an armed security transport service. For other items with a mean value we offer a pick up from FedEx, optionally at your home or workplace. If you would like to organize the shipping by yourself then please us our prepaid shipping labels from USPS. 24-48 hours after shipping the appraisal of your antique coins should be finished and an immediate payout can be offered. All our services are cost-free for you, even if you want your antique coins back, maybe because you have reconsidered your decision to sell them, we bear the costs for the reshipping. Sell your antique coins to reDollar and learn about our professionalism and excellent prices that we offer you! Get started now!

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