Sell antique gold to the experts

You have nice pieces of antique gold and you would like to sell them? But where is a good place to sell antique gold? reDollar the innovative and leading platform for gold and other valuables understands itself as expert in the field of antique gold of any kind. The term antique gold is very extensive, antique gold can be antique jewelry, antique coins or even other antique items or accessories made of gold. We speak about antique gold, when the gold is 100 years old or older. reDollar employees many experts who have the consolidated knowledge to unlock your treasure. Our professionals can determine the market value for your antique gold by using the most modern equipment and technologies combined with a long lasting experience. We operate as Dotcom Company like Amazon or eBay. Our business philosophy is to bundle all our knowledge and expertise in one head office where all threads come together. This strategy allows us to avoid high expenses for rents in best business locations. This savings are your profit when you sell antique gold with us. That’s why we can offer our clients much more money than our local competitors. Sell antique gold to the experts and become our next satisfied customer, we bet you won’t regret it.

Where else can I sell antique gold? What are my alternatives?

Sell antique gold to auction houses

Well, you could sell antique gold to an auction house like Sotheby’s or Christie’s. Dealing with the leading auction houses means that you also get a very professional handling. These two auction houses also offer great services and their global network of experts, sellers and buyers guarantees you a smooth transaction but the con is that this high level of professionalism has its price. Nothing is for free besides the services from us. The fees for handling, shipping, marketing, restoration and other services are high. That means if you would like to sell antique gold with an estimated value of $1,000 for example you have to count with possible deductions of $200 -$250 and this is a lot. The auction houses also don’t share their fees with the public. We have understanding for this practice because it’s a big difference if I bring in to auction an old master painting with a market value of some million Dollars or an antique brooch worth $1,000. It’s self-evident that the commission fees can’t be the same for such different pieces of a different value but nevertheless, it’s not transparent in our opinion. A from to-specification would make it a lot easier for Sellers to get a better idea about the costs that selling via an auction house causes. But beside the high commission fees, selling antique gold to a reputable auction house is a good option.

Sell antique gold to pawnshops, a good idea?

Well, we don’t want to generalize all pawnshops but honestly we are of the opinion that it’s not recommended to sell antique gold to pawnshops. The main purpose of pawnshops is to pawn things and not to buy them. But they do not only pawn jewelry or gold. Pawnshops pawn many different items, also weapons, music instruments, cars, electronics and many other items that have a certain value. What we would like to point out is that pawnshops are maybe not specialized in antique gold or jewelry. We highly recommend to sell antique gold to a place where experts are present. When you sell antique gold it makes sense to get a professional estimation and honestly we doubt that common pawnshops can serve this consolidated knowledge and expertise. Maybe there are some pawnbrokers out there who are real experts but it takes time to find the so called needle in the haystack. Summarized we would advise against a sale of antique gold to a pawnshop.

Sell antique gold to a local jeweler or gold buyer instead of selling to an online buyer?

Selling to a local jeweler or gold buyer can be a good option, not at least because you can expect the needed cash within minutes. The difficult thing is to find a reliable gold buyer or jeweler on site who is willing to pay you high and adequate prices for your antique gold. In general it can be said that selling antique jewelry to a local gold buyer of jeweler is a good option but only if you are immune against their tricky tactics. You should know the value of your antique gold before you finally sell it, that way you can better negotiate prices and you can better compare the different gold buyer- spots. The pro of a local buyer in comparison to an online buyer is that you could have the cash in hands immediately, but the prices that reDollar as online buyer offers are in the great majority of cases the much higher ones. So the decision is up to you.

Find below a table of our current purchase prices for antique gold. Please bear in mind that for outstanding pieces of a certain age, manufacturing or brand we pay more than we indicate in the table. For such pieces we add surcharges.

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