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reDollar selling kit with antique jewelry and cashAntique jewelry needs a special attention and treatment. A reliable jewelry buyer that performs his business accurate and reliable cannot treat antique jewelry like scrap jewelry from a mass production. The value determination does not work just by weighing the item, writing down the weight and calculating a purchase price on basis of the current spot price. The value estimation and appraising process for antique jewelry is much more complicated than you may think. A lot of expertise and knowledge is needed to be able to determine an antique or ancient piece of jewelry correct. has great people on board such as Antiquities specialists who will work on your antique jewelry or ancient jewelry in depth so that not the tiniest detail will be overseen. When it comes to the professional value estimation of antique jewelry a combination of various fields are strongly affiliated with each other. We doubt that a next door jewelry buyer has the capability to offer you the needed expertise for making you a great purchase offer for your antique jewelry. With us you can sell Byzantine gold bracelets, Roman Carnelian Ringstones, Egyptian Faience necklaces, Greek gold bracelets as well as Carthaginian glass bead necklaces just to name some ancient jewelry pieces. Also antique pieces from the 18th -20th century, from the classicism to the modern era are more than welcomed. Not only antique jewelry made of gold has a respectable value also other materials used for the jewelry production such as silver, platinum or bronze can increase the value significantly if an interesting historical background is present. Trust us your antique jewelry – you will not regret it. Sell antique jewelry with reDollar and get paid very high prices without any hidden fees.

Jewelry has always been a document of its time. For the critical beholder jewelry is much more than just its external appearance. Antique jewelry is the mirror image of the political and economical situation of a time and the evolutionary stage of its society. Jewelry can only be understand from whom who knows the time from which it comes. Also the living standards of the people during that time, their wishes, their hopes and ideals that lead them not only to accept but also to revolt.

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Antique cameo on gold pinAgate Cameo brooch with diamonds and blue sapphires

Antique jewelry from the Classicism period

The jewelry from the time after the French revolution is not really luxurious, rather simple and unpretentious. On the one hand jewelry of that time reflected the new classic taste and was also an expression of the social transformation during that time. Gems and cameos were very popular back then which were worn on diadems, headbands, rings, necklaces, sautoirs, combs, hairpins, earrings and on girdles. Gems is the generic term of engraved gemstones. Cameos are engraved stones with a relief structure on the surface of the gemstone, which makes the main difference between gems and cameos. Gems were already popular in ancient times whereas cameos arose during Roman times. The gems which were used during the Napoleonic times were real gems from the antiquity discovered during excavations. The used materials for this gems were agate, carnelian, and sard but also seashells. Later when the gems were at the peak of its popularity, the first imitations entered the market. This happened at the beginning of the 19th century. The often low quality gems were made of glass, tortoise shell, porcelain and other ceramics. At the end of the 18th century in England, Joshua Wedgewood a family member of a potter family, invented a new form of stoneware. He called his new invention Jasper ware. Besides tableware for the daily use also gems have been manufactured in series made of this new Jasperware. Due to the rarity beautiful gem and cameo jewelry can sell for record prices if the pieces are authentic. Let us find out for you if you own a true gem or cameo treasure from the classicism. Sell antique jewelry solely with experts who have the ability to find the treasure in your jewelry box.

Rare historism pendant with bit Peridot, sapphires and pearlsHistorism gold bracelet with pendant tourquoise gemsHistorism jewelry with pearls and gemstones garnets

Antique jewelry from the Historicism period

During the Classicism the jewelry designs showed a clear orientation towards the ancient times. Antique jewelry from the Historicism does not show new or unified stylistic elements even if some kinds of jewelry are distinctive for this special timer period.In the middle of the 19th century goldsmiths created jewelry that strongly reminded of the past, from various times. In retrospect this time period was called Historicism because the orientation to the past was omnipresent not only in the jewelry manufacturing also in architecture for example. This strongly historically orientated time period ended by the end of the 19th century some marks could also be found in the early 20th century. The people in the 19th century became more and more in touch with new technical inventions due to the industrialization that brought wealth after very turbulent times in Europe. The growing excitement for technique lead to a lack of social traditions, so the orientation towards the aquainting, beautiful forms of art of the past eased the people’s loss of old and beloved traditions. The second half of the 19th century was a very turbulent time what concerns political aspects.

The American taste for jewelry was strongly characterized from European ideals that swamped with the colonies over the Atlantic Ocean. The entire second half of the 19th century was also influenced from the time when the English Queen Victoria was in power, a very intelligent and conservative empress. It was the time when jewels became popular that showed influences from the Renaissance. The French goldsmith and jeweler Francois-Désiré Froment-Meurice manufactured beautiful jewels of that style. His pieces belong to the most sought-after jewelry pieces from collectors all over the world. Monsieur Froment-Meurice had his breakthrough in 1851 at the London Industry exhibition. Also the Italian goldsmith family Castellani made an impact on that time with their Etruscan technique of using granules for the manufacturing of gold jewelry. Jewelry pieces from the Castellani family reach record prices when they rarely appear on the market and have a remarkable value as museum pieces. Gems and cameos lavishly set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires were very popular in this style period as well as coral jewelry, celtic jewelry, garnet jewelry and in general jewelry set with various kinds of different gemstones.

Art Nouveau gold bracelet with diamonds and rubiesArt Nouveau gold pendant with diamonds and rubies floral designArt Nouveau white gold pendant with diamonds

Antique jewelry form the Art Nouveau period


The Art Nouveau was a more a mindset and an attitude to life than a style epoch and can be understand as protest movement against the materialism of the 1880’s and 1890’s. The haute bourgeoisie became very wealthy after the French revolution and thanks to the industrialism and the exploitation of the working class. Intellectuals and Artists of various groups have characterized this movement like no others. The Art Nouveau should be the counterbalance of a cold industrialized Europe that has forgotten the ideals of beauty and comfort, passion and desire. The Europe of that time was so much driven by progress and innovation so that this attributes were overshadowed. The Art Nouveau period lasted from 1880 until World War 1. The Art Nouveau has its origin in England and goes back to the so called “Arts and Craft” movement of that time. It was the English Artist Mr. William Morris who can be named as the founder of this well-known movement which was active until the late 1900. The English Art Nouveau version resulted from the Arts and Craft movement was the so called Modern Style or Liberty Style. Jewelry from that time was made of silver, gemstones, and email). This type of jewelry was made for a larger group of buyers and not limited to the royalty and only the very wealthy. Famous artist from that time were Charles Robert Ashbee, Archibald Knox, Arthur Gaskin, Henry Wilson and J. Paul Cooper just to name a few.

“Maison de l’Art Nouveau” was the French version of the Art Nouveau of that time around 1895. One of the most famous French Art Nouveau artists was Monsieur René Lalique. His natural and floral symbols and creations are the key features of his jewelry art. Lalique had a special preference for flowers, insects, leaves, beetles, and fishes etc. which are the motifs of his many nature inspired creations. Also the style and the works of Peter Carl Fabergé is similar to those of the Art Nouveau period in Europe. The jeweler and goldsmith Fabergé was the son of a Huguenot family and immigrated to Russia in the 19th century. He is famous for his email work and for his unique Fabergé eggs, which he has created for the Tsar family.  Antique jewelry like Art Nouveau jewelry needs a very skilled buyer that understands the value of this masterpieces. Sell Antique jewelry with reDollar who values the history and art in your jewelry.

Art Decó gold and diamond broochArt Decó diamond cocktail ring with onyx gemstoneArt Decó pendant earrings with diamonds and onyx gemstones

Antique jewelry from the Art Decó and Modern time period

In 1925 the exhibition “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” took place in Paris. This great exhibition represented the art of that stormy period in Europe. A problematic time between the two World Wars. The majority of the general public suffered from the consequences of the war and the associated inflation during that time. The people lived in modest circumstances and often in poverty. At that time the Artists and exhibitors of the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs were not aware the centuries later the term Art Decó (abbreviated from Arts Décoratifs) will be the name of the art movement of that artistically fascinating time period. The economical and political situation was ban in Europe at that time and followed by the Great Depression in 1929 and 1930. Also the role of the European women has changed dramatically during that time. Contrary to the general view that emancipation grew because of the desire of self-realization the woman during the post-war period were suddenly forced to work in factories and offices due to the existing adversity and poverty and to boost the economy. The new, changing role of women has also strongly influenced the fashion.  Austere and masculine fashion for woman including pants and short skirts became popular, the roaring times were born. In the USA this was the time when Hollywood became the epitome for glitter and glamour. In Europe this time was called the golden twenties. It was the black Friday, 25 October 1929 that brought the party to an end and what followed was the economic collapse in the European-American region.

The beginning of the Art Decó goes back to the times of the World War 1. In the US Art Decó was celebrating its peak after 1925. The American upper class was so fascinated from Art Decó designs that “American decó” was en-vogue until the end of the 1950’s. Back then, it was the Maison Cartier that made the watch totally acceptable at Cocktailparties. Also jewelry solely made of platinum was a trend of that time and also the lush use of diamonds and gemstones is one characteristic of the Art Decó style. The transition of the Art Decó period to the Modern time period can be described as very fluent. Sell Antique jewelry from the Art Decó period or the Modern times with the reDollar jewelry experts. We guarantee you a first class treatment and an exceptional high price for your antique jewelry.

reDollar experts discussing antique jewelry with specialist literatureSell antique jewelry made of silver

Gold is a lot more worth each ounce than silver, but nevertheless antique silver jewelry can also be sold for high prices. Of course, most of the antique silver pieces will be traded only for the silver price but from time to time we receive also very nice pieces that reflect a higher value than just the material value. Maybe you are one of our lucky guys, owning a valuable piece of antique silver jewelry? Find it out and sell antique silver jewelry with our company. Take a look on our gold and silver calculator, to get an idea how much your antique silver jewelry can be worth.

reDollar experts discussing platinum jewelry in group

Sell antique jewelry made of platinum

Antique jewelry made of platinum can be very valuable. Very often, antique platinum jewelry was manufactured with big gemstones and in many cases also with big diamonds. It’s a true story that customers consulted us, thinking they own an old piece of platinum jewelry with a zirconia. In the end it turned out that the stone was a real diamond and not an almost worthless zirconia. You should also unlock your own antique platinum jewelry value, by using our free appraisal service. Our employees are determining very old and antique pieces in a group. For that reason, many opinions and views will be combined to determine the real value of your Antique jewelry pieces. Our advantage in comparison with local jewelry buyers is our bundled knowledge. Not only one employee is working on your purchase offer. The whole group of reDollar experts and appraisers are working together on every antique piece of jewelry that arrives in our laboratories. You get the best price if you sell your antique jewelry with reDollar – that’s a promise.


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