Sell antiques online – all antiques accepted

You own antiques that you would like to sell? You are only one of tens of thousands planning to sell some antique stuff. There are multiply reasons for selling this antique pieces: there is no use for, space is not available, the storage is too expensive or became too expensive or it’s just because you would like to get rid of some things that you stored over years.

The prime reason why people own some antique stuff is an inheritance. Sometimes it also happens that curious onlookers of a storage auction or another auction become to sudden bidders and winners. And then? You are the owner of antique stuff like lamps, figurines, paintings, jewelry, coins or other collectibles that you don’t have use for and you are not able to determine its value. You will quickly find out that there is no other solution than selling this things. But take care – you could own some really valuable things. Don’t make an expensive mistake and sell this stuff to an unknown dealer in your neighborhood. This guy’s normally try to catch antique stuff for little money. And you? They don’t care about you and your satisfaction. A good deal is good for their pocket and that’s most important for nearly almost all of this dealers. Good to know for you that there is a modern place to sell antiques. Its – coming with a team of high motivated, perfect connected and well experienced employees. We determine the real market value of your antiques without thinking about our profit. Of course, we have to make money to serve our services but we only make a little profit. We depend on your satisfaction and our main earning is your recommendation to your family and friends. You can start right now if you want.

We accept all antiques fitting a normal sized shipping box

We see our company as a green company with a commitment to the environment. For that reason we don’t buy furniture or other large antique items. Shipping such items would produce a lot of CO2 emissions. We do buy all stuff fitting in a normal sized shipping box. Of course you can send us small furniture like a box for writing utensil or a table lamp or stuff like that. Also paintings and other items are more than welcomed. Give us a short call if you are unsure what kind of antiques can be shipped and sold to our company.

A guarantee for the highest prices if you sell your antiques with us

As you learned before, selling antique stuff is not that easy if you are not willing to lose a lot of money. Because most people are not able to find out how much the antique stuff is worth, they are ready to sell to the closest place in their neighborhood. Don’t cash out too fast. Speak with our customer service or provide us some photos. Our appraisers are working in a team of two or more to find out how much your antiques are worth. We involve other appraisers of our worldwide network to determine very rare items. Complex subjects like Asian artwork or extremely old art from the last thousands of centuries can be handled in-house too.

Get started online to sell antiques with reDollar. There is nearly no limit in the amount of antiques you can sell to us. Finally, it’s good to know that shipping to our labs is always free. Drop off your stuff at a local USPS or UPS branch or schedule a free pick-up at your home or office. High valuable things like jewelry, gold, diamonds or watches are specially insured. Selling antiques with us is possible up to $100,000.

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