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Sell Australian Coins

Australian gold coins are very interesting for collectors and investors and thus easy to sell for a good price if you know a good buyer like reDollar. The Royal Australian Mint produced many – almost countless – different gold coins and series what makes getting an overview about the value kind of tricky. We from are here to help you getting an idea about your coins value and we are also a great place to sell Australian coins – very likely the best place in the US.

  • We buy any Australian gold coins for $2270.49 per ounce
  • We buy any Australian silver coins for $27.22 per ounce

We offer highest prices for any Australian coins: Australian gold sovereigns, gold lunar coins, gold kangaroo coins, gold nugget coins, gold koala coins, Australian rounds, Australian medals and many other Australian coins. We also buy any silver coins and rounds from Australia. You can sell Australian coins in any condition and in any quantity. A damaged coin sells for as much as a coin in perfect condition as long as it’s not a collector’s coin where the condition is from highest importance. With our company you sell your Australian coins in confidence for the latest gold price what is right now $2270.49. Compare our prices and you will be very excited to learn that we are almost unbeatable when it comes to sell Australian coins.

It’s up to you as a prospective seller of Australian coins to find a reliable buyer and finding honest folks is not that easy. knows about the bad behavior of the whole buying industry in the United States why we are attacking our competition very hard offering the best deals on an honest way with full transparency when it comes to give you a quote for your Australian coins. There will be no questions left when you deal with our company.

Value Performance of Australian Gold Coins

The value of Australian coins made of gold is inevitably connected with the current gold price. We pictured you a performance chart for Australian gold ounces to provide you an overview about how your coins performed between 1999 and 2017.

Value Performance of Australian Silver Coins

Like gold, silver went through challenging times in the last years but compared with the initial situation at the beginning of the new century, silver performed pretty good. For those who have silver coins since a while in portfolio, it’s still a good point of time to make some profits.

Value of Australian Coins

Generally, about 90% of all Australian gold and silver coins are worth the current material value (+/- 5%) what makes the evaluation very simple and even for laymen’s transparent. You don’t need more to know than two basic specifications of your coins: metal and its purity and your coins weight. That’s it. You then just need a calculator like ours to find out how much your coins are worth. This can be easily done with your smartphone – even when you are on the go.

Antique and modern collection of Australian coins

Bullion CoinsWeight$ Value, Sell for
AuAustralian Gold Coins1 kilo$73006.05
AuAustralian Gold Coins10 oz$22704.88
AuAustralian Gold Coins2 oz$4540.98
AuAustralian Gold Coins1 oz$2270.49
AuAustralian Gold Coins1/2 oz$1131.59
AuAustralian Gold Coins1/4 oz$567.26
AuAustralian Gold Coins1/10 oz$227.05
AuAustralian Gold Coins1/20 oz$113.16
AgAustralian Silver Coins1/2 oz$13.61
AgAustralian Silver Coins1 oz$227.05
AgAustralian Silver Coins2 oz$4540.98
AgAustralian Silver Coins3 oz$6811.46
AgAustralian Silver Coins100 g$7300.61
AgAustralian Silver Coins4 oz$9081.95
AgAustralian Silver Coins5 oz$11352.44
AgAustralian Silver Coins10 oz$22704.88
AgAustralian Silver Coins12 oz$27245.86
AgAustralian Silver Coins500 g$36503.03
AgAustralian Silver Coins25 oz$56762.21
AgAustralian Silver Coins1 kilo$73006.05
AgAustralian Silver Coins100 oz$227048.82

Other Australian Coins

CoinWeight$ Value, Sell for
AuAustralian Full Sovereign7.988 g$534.72
AuAustralian Half Sovereign3.994 g$267.36
Ag50 Cent Australia13.28 g$8.82
AgTwo Shillings 92.5% Ag11.31 g$8.68
AgTwo Shillings 50.0% Ag11.31 g$4.69
AgOne Shilling 92.5% Ag5.65 g$4.34
AgOne Shilling 50.0% Ag5.65 g$2.34

Sell Your Australian Coins With Confidence

With you’ll get a partner how is able to deal very respectful with your Australian coins. Thanks to technologies we are able to test and verify your coins without causing any damage. Many buyers scratch, file or even cut your coins what devalues your coins down to scrap value. You don’t want that – especially we you finally don’t agree to a deal.

A skilled and good equipped coin buyer will never ever damage your coins except strong presumption about having a falsified coin are present. Unfortunately, we regular see counterfeited coins but seen in total, falsified coins are really rare. From our point of view, there is no need to damage coins if good testing equipment is available. And this is the good thing about reDollar – we are not an ordinary gold and silver buying operation working on you coins just right away at the counter-top. No, our experts work on your Australian coins in a clean laboratory and if needed even 2 experts will handle your coins. Sell Australian coins with us and you’ll become a very satisfied customer.

Value of Australia’s Most Important Gold Coins

Get to know the value of the most important Australian gold coins. Contact us anytime if you don’t find the gold coin you own.

CoinWeightValue, Sell For
Gold Lunar Dog1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Rooster1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Monkey1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Dragon1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Tigre1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Horse1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Ox1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Koala1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Mouse1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Goat1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Pig1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Rat1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Snake1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Gold Lunar Rabbit1/20 oz - 1 oz$113.16 to $2270.49
Battle of the Coral Sea1/10 oz & 1/4 oz$227.05 to $567.26
Kimberley Sunrise2 oz$4540.98
75th Anniv. "Pearl Harbor"1 oz$2270.49

Value of Australia’s Most Important Silver Coins

We tried to provide a value-list of the most important Australian silver coins for you. Ask our expert if you don’t find your coin.

CoinWeightValue, Sell For
Silver Kangaroo Series1 oz$27.22
Silver Crocodile Series1 oz$27.22
Shark Series1/2 oz$13.61
Koala Series1 oz$27.22
Koala Series5 oz$136.09
Koala Series10 oz$272.19
Koala Series1 kilo$875.20
Kookaburra Series1 oz$27.22
Kookaburra Series2 oz$54.44
Kookaburra Series10 oz$272.19
Kookaburra Series1 kilo$875.20
Silver Lunar Dog1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Rooster1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Monkey1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Dragon1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Horse1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Rabbit1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Snake1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Tigre1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Goat1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Ox1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Pig1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
Silver Lunar Mouse1/2 oz to 1 kilo$13.61 to $875.20
$5 Northern Sky - Cygnus1 ozup to $75
$5 Northern Sky - Ursa Major1 ozup to $75
$ 5 Northern Sky - Cassiopeia1 ozup to $75
$5 Domed Southern - Sky Orion1 ozup to $75
$5 Domed Southern - Sky Pavo1 ozup to $75
$5 Longest Reigning Commonwealth Monarch1 ozup to $30
$5 Love Coin "With Love"1 oz$27.22

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