Sell bracelets online – the most convenient way to sell

You plan to sell one of your bracelets? Probably you are one of countless Americans owning an inherited bracelet, a damaged bracelet or an old fashioned bracelet you don’t have use for. Perhaps you just like to get some extra cash and your bracelet is a good way to make that cash? No matter what are the reasons for your selling plans, don’t ask you questions – we only provide the convenient way to sell your bracelets made of gold or silver. Or you already found out that there are many places offering to buy bracelets doing a bad job? Probably, you got offered little money for your bracelet or you were treated rude when you shopped around to look for a reliable dealer. In contrast to such untrustworthy places, is offering the highest payout amounts and an honest determination of your bracelet’s value. With us you can expect the most cash for your bracelet – even when it’s damaged. is specialized in buying bracelets of all types: modern bracelets, vintage bracelets, antique bracelets, very valuable bracelets, designer bracelets or even damaged bracelets. We also offer a lot more money than just the material price for very nice, rare or exclusive pieces.

Sell bracelets made from famous brands

Americans love brands like Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Verdura, Versace, Pandora, Swarovski, David Yurman and lot’s of other brands. Consider that there is nearly no limit to the amount of bracelets or other jewelry you can sell to us. And furthermore there is also no limit to the value of each bracelet we can afford to buy. Pieces in the price range of $50 to $100,000 are more than welcomed in our labs. Don’t worry if you own an extremely valuable bracelet. Selling very valuable things online is very safe and fully insured. We organize shipping using armored car services and other specialized companies. No matter how much your items are worth, shipping is that easy and that common.

Sell extremely valuable bracelets

Extremely valuable bracelets like a platinum made diamond bracelet, a sapphire-diamond combination bracelet, a vintage Cartier bracelet, a Schlumberger designed emerald bracelet or an art deco diamond tennis bracelet always have been sold to our company. But what makes the different between and our competitors? is an online based company with perfect organized selling procedures. It’s not only one employee determining your bracelets, if you sell with us. Extremely valuable bracelets will be determined in a group work, involving our network of international experts. We are working as long as necessary on your assets to find out all important facts. We will also try to find out proveniences, beside the precious metal content, the gemstones weight or the manufacturer. Knowing as much as possible makes amazing payout amounts possible. But don’t care about our extensive appraisal process. All can be done within one day to guarantee your payout in less than 48 hours.

Pandora, Swarovski and other bracelets for the daily use

Lots of people think that we only buy very valuable bracelets and assets. That’s not true because our company philosophy guarantees the best selling solutions for every American. No matter if you own a Pandora bracelet for the daily use or a Van Cleef & Arpels piece for special events. You are more than welcomed to also sell bracelets for the daily use to our company. Our prices are amazing for Pandora, Tiffany or Swarovski pieces. Hurry and sell your bracelets online to us. It’s done in 3 simple steps. Get started right now to get your cash by the day after tomorrow. And please keep in mind that selling is hassle-free: no pending money into your PayPal account, no pre-financed shipping fees, no selling commissions and not waiting for 3, 5 or 7 days until an online auction ends. is the best way to sell your bracelets online.

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