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reDollar jewelry experts appraising a gold broochThe term brooch describes the original French word “broche” – a popular piece of decorative jewelry to wear on jackets or other clothes as something like a pin. Brooches have a long lasting history beginning with the Bronze Age. Brooches were admired in Europe, Asia, North and South America and very popular for almost all known cultures. Till today, brooches are widely-spread and a very common piece of jewelry for Americans. We estimate that tens of thousands brooches are in circulation without a use, stored and forgotten over the years, sadly. But times have changed and because of the risen gold price, Americans begun to dig through drawers, old furniture and jewelry boxes to make things ready for selling. But take care before you sell a brooch. The value of a brooch isn’t simply just the gold value. Brooches were made in a special time periods, in unique designs or they were probably made for a person from interest. Also think about gemstones, pearls or corals embellishing your brooches. There are so many value raising facts to consider if you plan to sell brooches. is an expert for brooches, jewelry and decorative arts of a significant value. Our experts are well skilled and trained to work with any kind of jewelry. Get started now to sell your brooches online.

You can sell modern, antique, very valuable or damaged brooches with us

Art Deco white gold brooch with diamonds and Aquamarine gemstoneMost Americans own modern or old-fashioned brooches made of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or made of base metals like copper, brass, wood or plastic. Brooches made of platinum, gold or silver are the more valuable ones that you can sell for attractive prices with us. As mentioned above, gemstone brooches, diamond brooches or even rare brooches can be very, very valuable. Our recommendation is to solely deal with professionals like our company. Only very experienced and educated jewelry experts are able to distinguish between a Georgian, Mid-Victorian, Art Nouveau or Art Deco brooch. Moreover it needs sensibility to answer jewelry related questions because in the majority of cases emotions are involved when people decide to sell jewelry. Many people don’t have reservations to sell their property but some aren’t finally ready to sell. A reliable dealer will recognize personal circumstances of a customer. Customers can be anxious to speak about concerns and doubts. Speak about your brooch with us; our experts are ready to discuss your situation. Sell brooches with us – it’s very convenient and comes with the guarantee to deal with honest and reliable guys who offer highly attractive prices.

How we estimate the value of your brooches

14k white gold Diamond BroochSome buyers like local pawn shops or gold buyers only go for the gold. Often they only determine the quality of the containing gold, they weigh your brooch and offer a price based on the stock market price of gold. But that’s by far too superficial. Beside the gold also facts like the designer, the manufacturer, the gemstones, the craftsmanship, the original owner, the motif or the theme can affect the value significantly. Well, it’s self explaining that a diamond brooch reflects a very special value compared with a sober silver brooch but it’s not all about diamonds and other gemstones. Brooches which were made during a war-period or brooches made to honor important historical events are really common but sometimes rare, hence highly sought-after from collectors and valuable. It’s a sin to sell such brooches for the material value to melt it down. So many unskilled gold buyers destroy historical artifacts every day. In contrast to these guys, it’s our mission to spot brooches or jewelry with historic importance to prevent them from smelting. Furthermore it’s a huge benefit for you if you sell your brooch with us because we are able to offer higher prices than most competitors do. Your brooches are in best hands with

Sell brooches online – beware of local consignment offers

14k gold Historicism broochSomeone who plans to sell a brooch or other jewelry has only a some options to get the cash: sell to a local dealer, sell online, negotiate a consignment deal or auction your brooch. Most selling ways aren’t an option, especially consignment deals can end up in a disaster. It’s alluring to make a consignment deal because consigning does not require big personal efforts. You hand out your brooches or other assets to a local resale shop, sign a selling contract and wait for your payday. Consider that a dealer wants to make more money selling his own jewelry. Therefore he will praise his own merchandise more than your consigned valuables. A very attractive option for individuals is the modern way of selling: online. There is almost no time and efforts involved to sell a brooch online. You get started to make the cash in less than 48 hours. Learn more about the process of selling jewelry online with reDollar and become a happy customer.

Even a scrap brooch reflects a value and can sell for cash

Sadly, many brooches are more scrap than a treasure. Americans tend to underestimate a damaged or broken silver or gold brooch but it’s worth to take a closer look. Ten thousands of gold buyers from New York to San Francisco buy and melt brooches from individuals. They have free rein to offer almost whatever they want for damaged brooches because an old-fashioned, damaged or broken brooch doesn’t attract an eye. If you don’t have a clue about the value of your scrap gold brooch probably you will be surprised that someone is willing to offer you a few hundred Dollars. But let’s assume you own an 18k gold brooch weighing approx. 10 grams. Do you know what?! Such a brooch can sell for about $572.90 these days and you shall get paid at least $516.12 to name the respective buyer reliable and consumer-friendly.

Important Van Cleef & Arpels gold brooch with sapphires

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