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redollar experts are appraising cartier love ringCartier rings need a special attendance: besides experience, it needs the ability to evaluate a proper amount for your Cartier pieces. Our appraisers have these special skills and the resources to do that challenging job. Sell Panthere Design rings, Alicia Design rings, Tank Francaise rings, Trinity Design rings, Agraafe Designs rings and any other Cartier rings with our company. We promise you the highest prices besides an instant payout, plus no obligations thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. is an outstanding place for all your Cartier jewelry and well-known for honesty and reliability. Sell your Cartier jewelry with us and become another satisfied reDollar customer.


Sell Cartier rings of any value range

We have the financial power to buy extremely valuable Cartier rings in the range of some ten thousand dollars but we also buy lower priced rings like Tri-Color rings, Tank rings, Love rings, Stella rings or Nouvelle Vague in the range of some hundred dollars or some thousand dollars. Design, material, age or condition doesn’t matter and thanks to our goldsmith, we are able to offer you best prices for damaged rings too. Think about your mismatched Cartier rings or the rings you don’t longer wear – they are perfect for selling and the proceeds can be used to buy new jewelry. It’s a win-win situation.

Some Cartier rings you can sell with us:

Sell Cartier rings More about and the value
Cartier ring white gold This gorgeous piece is a Cartier Maillon Panthere ring: diamonds in total weighing 2.70 carat, D color and VVS1 clarity. These rings are finest Cartier jewelry and thanks to its popularity very good to sell. In a ring size of ten, this ring weighs about 13.5 grams what makes the ring comfortable to wear. Best quality craftsmanship with very best materials. Sell this Cartier ring for: $2,500
Cartier Panthère Lakarda ring This is a Cartier Panthère Lakarda ring made of 18K gold. It’s a very classic design in yellow gold. Two emeralds and an onyx are mounted and make this ring very special. Very special is also the weight of this outstanding ring: the weigh is between 25 and 26 grams, depending on the ring size. Sell this Cartier ring for: $2,000
Cartier, double C décor ring This is a Cartier, double C décor ring. It’s a very special design and the 18 sparkling diamonds turn this Cartier ring into a stunning piece. The design reminds of a belt buckle and comes in tricolor gold: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Please remember that this Cartier ring comes also with 22 diamonds in a various edition. The double C design rings are not very heavy. They weigh just round about 6.5 grams. Sell this Cartier ring for: $1,500
Cartier Love Design ring This Cartier ring belongs to a very popular serial named “LOVE” design. The original design was created in the 1970s in New York. This example ring is made of white gold but this ring comes in yellow gold and rose gold too. You can also get this ring with mounted diamonds. Sell this Cartier ring for: $500

Our company is prepared for your Cartier rings. Several jewelry experts examine your Cartier pieces to find very high prices, as you can see if you look at our ring examples. We honor every single Cartier ring arriving in our laboratory with greatest attention and a maximum of accuracy. And it’s easy to sell a Cartier ring with reDollar. You get started online by telling us your name. Fill in a short description of the Cartier ring that you plan to sell with us and tell us the quantity too, if you sell a couple of Cartier rings or other jewelry pieces. This is very important to organize the value-fitting shipping service. All Cartier rings are fully insured if you schedule a free pick up at your home or your office. And please remember, a Cartier ring you don’t longer wear, a damaged Cartier ring or a mismatched ring doesn’t become better. Jewelry like that is perfect to sell and the amount you get paid can be used to buy new items you’ll love.

Why selling Cartier rings with

redollar cartier sketch ring with loupeThe reason why selling your jewelry with us is very simple. We can offer you an uncomplicated, fast and satisfying selling process. This is not an empty advertising promise, this is the truth. Our management and our experts are seven days a week available for your needs. Every single transaction matters to us and every single selling transactions also becomes our full attention. We can guarantee you a selling process of just three days and that’s outstanding for high value goods like Cartier rings. From the time of your first contacting until you receive your money, we can realize the entire buying process in just three days. Of course there are other serious and very competent players on the market like Sotheby’s or Christie’s just to name two renowned auction houses that are specialized in luxury goods. But our benefit is quite clear our decisive time advantage. Selling with us does not involve long waiting periods for the next auction date. With us, you don’t get confronted with commission fees or any other surcharges. If you want a quick and prompt price estimation, you will get it within hours. Our competitors often need weeks or even months for giving you feedback on estimation requests. And often you just get a feedback if your item is worth an estimation. So you see, selling with us is much faster. Our experts have an impressive background and career that allows us to compete with the other big players in this highly competitive market.

How we determine a price – your free appraisal

redollar laboratory report cartier gold jewelryThe price estimation and the appraisal process will never be done from just one jewelry expert. It’s part of our company philosophy that at least two experts are involved in this process and determine a purchase price for high value jewelry like pieces from Cartier. When you sell Cartier rings with us, you can be sure that we dedicate our greatest effort to present you a best possible purchase offer. We solely work with high tech machines and equipment, our laboratory and the opening process of your parcel is video monitored. It’s a matter of course that before we present you an appraisal, we send you a video that shows you the opening of your parcel. Afterwards our experts are starting the appraising process. Once the appraisal is finished you will get an in depth laboratory report from us that also includes our purchase offer. In this report we mention the involved testing methods and we list each piece you have sent us with a detailed item description. This appraisal service 100% cost free for you, even if you don’t sell with us, we would never burden you with costs for this service. What are you still waiting for? Start selling your Cartier ring now, ship your jewelry to us, get your free appraisal, agree and get paid on the same day.

Sell Cartier rings from the king of the jewelers and the jeweler of kings

reDollar experts reading in Cartier bookThe name Cartier is now as hundred years ago, the epitome of the most exquisite and sumptuous jewels of the world. The name Cartier is a synonym of opulence and timeless elegance.  By the character defining of jewelry fashion, the use of most precious gemstones and revolutionary inventions Cartier advanced to the jeweler of European courts, Russian czars, Indian maharajas and American Dollar millionaires and billionaires. It’s documented that in 1859 Cartier had its first American customer. An important date that started the extraordinary success history of Cartier in America. J.P. Morgan was an early client of Cartier as well as Ms. Stotesbury the wife of New York’s prominent investment banker Edward T. Stotesbury. Cornelius and W.K.Vanderbilt, Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Astor, and Mrs. Whitney are featured in the Parisian Rue de la Paix store’s order book as Cartier clients from the time of the early 1900’s. This names have significantly influenced the American history and reflect the American moneyed aristocracy at that time. What is the reason why we are telling you that? We want to point out to the fact that Cartier is one of the finest and noblest brands on that planet. Hence to sell Cartier jewelry or to sell Cartier rings is also a very delicate and sensitive affair that needs a very skilled and experienced buyer. In reDollar and our team of jewelry experts you have found a trustworthy, reliable and discreet partner when it comes to sell Cartier rings and other jewelry of historical value.  

Did  you know that we can offer you safe and secure high value pick ups on the same day? If you decide you want to sell your Cartier rings now, we can schedule a pick up on the same day! That way we can offer you a very quick payment just two days later.


Maria TaitMaria Tait jewelry expert redollar looking at Cartier jewelry is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Our jewelry expert Maria is always available for your questions related to jewelry in general, fine jewelry and antique jewelry. If you have any queries about your Cartier jewelry, ask Maria a question. It’s free and she is always excited and curious to receive new inquiries about any kind of Cartier jewels.

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