You can sell certified diamonds to our reputable diamond division

You own certified diamonds and you seek for a good opportunity where to sell them? Welcome to reDollar, you have just found the right spot for businesses like that. We are specialized in buying diamonds of any size, quantity, and quality. Sell your certified diamonds with us and make a great selling experience. We understand ourselves as diamond experts. Our on-board professionals know best how to determine the market value of diamonds. We employ appraisers from all over the world to serve you with the highest possible professionalism. Send us a photo of your diamond and your certificate and we make you an immediate price offer for your valuable gemstone. Also for very rare and big diamonds we are the right partner. Our access to a global network of diamond buyers, gives us the possibility to pay you great prices and to make a very fast transaction. We also appreciate and protect your anonymity. You can be sure that we don’t share your information with any third person or party. With us, your data are safe. These days it has become more and more important to offer flexible payment options. There are many reasons why people demand for anonymous payment terms. We have the solution for you! In comparison to our competitors we offer our clients more payment options than the usual ones. With us you can get your payment by check, money order (which is like cash), bank transfer or PayPal. This flexible payments are quick, safe and convenient. Sell certified diamonds with us and soon you will make the experience how accurate and high-professional we work.

Why to sell certified diamonds to an online buyer like reDollar

Why to sell certified diamonds online? What are the benefits? These are legitimate questions. Selling online brings many advantages. First, we operate 24 hours/7 days a week. Selling with us means you can sell whenever you want. We don’t have opening hours or holidays, which makes it possible to sell certified diamonds whenever you want. Second, we offer extremely high purchase prices. Our aim is to become America’s most successful and important gold and diamond buying platform. And how can we reach this goal? By offering unbeatable services and by paying best prices. Third, experience and know-how. To sell certified diamonds you need to know a reliable place where to make the deal. Our experts also work as accredited diamond certifiers that gives you the maximum of security that we can determine the value of your diamonds properly. No matter of which quality your diamond is and no matter what quantity of diamonds you would like to sell with us. Fourth, convenience. Our company operates online only. That means you can sell your certified diamonds from anywhere in the United States. You don’t have to drive many miles to reach the next best buyer. Qualified diamond buyers are rare. You can find them mostly in metropolises like New York which is very famous for its Diamond Street. But if you live in the countryside it will be very difficult to find a competent diamond buyer. That’s our strength. We offer our great competence to every US citizen, regardless of where he lives. Fifth, customer support. We offer our clients a very well thought-out customer service. We offer free appraisals, a gold and diamond calculator, and a 24 hour consulting by email, phone or chat. Our friendly customer representatives guide you from the very beginning of the sales process to the final payment step. There is no argument why not to sell certified diamonds with us, get started now and start the selling of your certified diamond(s) right away!

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