Sell college ring

You would like to sell your college ring because it has lost its sentimental value for you? Or you inherited a college ring and you have never had sentimental feelings for it? But where’s the best place to sell the college ring? To a pawn shop, a local gold buyer, or a collector? is the best place where you can sell your college ring. Sell college rings to reDollar is easy, fast and lucrative.

Determine the value of your college ring.

There are some factors that can influence the valuation of your college ring. The first and most important factor is the material of your college ring. There are college rings made of gold, silver, nickel and also platinum. The material value of gold is significantly higher than of silver so if you have a college ring made of gold, you can expect much more money than for a college ring made of silver or nickel. The second factor that can increase the value of your college ring are special engravings. There are collectors that look for college rings with special engravings, such as from famous graduates. Our team of experts is specialized in analyzing college rings and you can be sure that we will notice every single detail that could increase the value of your college ring. The third factor is about the origin of the college ring. Also the college or university from where the college rings come can affect the value. Is the college or university very prestigious such as Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or West Point? If you are in possession of such a college ring, you will get an attractive price for your college ring because college rings from elite universities are sought after from collectors. Sell your college ring to our first partner when it comes to selling college rings. We know the collectors, we can offer you the best prices.

Can gemstones affect the value of a college ring?

Many college rings also have gemstones or only one very big gemstone included. In the majority of cases the stones, mounted in college rings, don’t have an excellent quality. For this reason the value of the gemstones in college rings is normally not outstandingly high. But of course there also exist exceptions. If your college ring has included a very valuable gemstone then your payout amount can be higher, but if the gemstone is not from a special quality then the stone does not affect the value of your college ring.

Sell my college rings to reDollar- How does it work?

You have decided to sell your college ring to us? Thank you for your trust, we are happy that we could win you as new customer. Sell college rings to reDollar is a very quick and simple process. Because we operate as Dotcom Company, your valuables will be shipped to our head quarter where the appraisal take place. Please wrap your college ring very well and choose between our two shipping methods. We can offer you a free pickup from FedEx at your home or workplace or alternatively you can organize the shipping by yourself, using our prepaid shipping labels from USPS. 24-48 hours after shipping we should receive your college ring. Our experts make the appraisal immediately after we have confirmed the receipt of your parcel. We can offer you various ways of payment. Check, PayPal, direct debit and money order. With us you have the choice! All our services are cost free for you. We don’t burden you with costs – we help you, whenever you need us we will be there for you as reliable address for sell college rings.

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