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David Yurman jewelry is associated with the best quality, pure luxury and high value. Founded in 1980, the company is present with 29 stores all over the US. David Yurman jewelry is beloved and in high demand for ladies, gents and collectors from all over the world. Ensure that you find a very experienced jewelry buyer if you plan to sell David Yurman jewelry. Moreover you should consider that buying extremely valuable jewelry like that needs financial power. Not every jewelry buyer can afford to buy such exclusive pieces. Companies like are specialized in buying high priced jewelry. reDollar brings the capital and the ability to perform a high-quality evaluation. Skilled experts are able to recognize the authenticity, the year of manufacture, the rarity, the used materials and the value of course. Since 1980, David Yurman creates rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands, accessories and watches for men and women. This product variety is a further reason to solely deal with professionals like us.

Whether if we speak about Swiss hand-build watches or rare topaz bracelets, stunning necklaces, diamond earrings, or unique cuffs: is the right place to sell David Yurman jewelry.

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David Yurman Diamond Ring This is a David Yurman 18 karat yellow gold quatrefoil ring with pave set diamonds. Almost 2 carat diamonds were lavishly set to create this unique piece. An elegant beauty from the designer David Yurman. Sell David Yurman rings with us and get a great offer. We can offer up to $2,500 for this ring.
David Yurman 18k Gold Chain Here you see a heavy David Yurman gold chain. It is made of almost 40 pennyweights of gold. 18k means that 75% pure gold was used to produce this masterpiece. With us you can sell David Yurman jewelry like this chain. We can offer up to $3,000 for this pretty gold chain.
David Yurman 14k Gold Diamond Ruby Bracelet You see a 14k gold bracelet from David Yurman . This wonderful piece is set with diamonds and a big center ruby. It’s a so called cable classic cuff bracelet with VS clarity and G color diamonds. Who knows David Yurman jewelry is informed that gold-made pieces are rarer than silver-made pieces. You can sell this David Yurman bracelet for up to $1,250.
David Yurman Diamond Bracelet This is an outstanding David Yurman sterling silver bracelet called “Double Loop Pave Diamond Labyrinth Bracelet” reflecting a high value and glamour. Diamonds of 2.20 carats let this masterpiece sparkle. Sell this David Yurman bracelet for up to $700.
David Yurman Albion Pendant We also buy David Yurman pendants like this diamond hematite pendant. Diamonds of 0.20 carats in combination with silver make this pendant very interesting for selling with us. Sell this David Yurman pendant for up to $100.
David Yurman Pearl Ring We are happy to accept David Yurman rings like this wonderful pearl ring with diamonds. This beautiful piece is made of sterling silver with pave set diamonds. This ring belongs to the David Yurman Cerise collection. The big pearl measures almost
20 mm and is surrounded by petite diamonds. You can sell this David Yurman ring for up to $350.
David Yurman Black Onyx Diamond Bracelet This bracelet belongs to the David Yurman “Renaissance Collection” and looks very tasteful with the onyx and diamonds. This cable bracelet is made of sterling silver and is a great piece for selling. We are a happy buyer of David Yurman bracelets and offer up to $300 for this nice piece.
David Yurman Diamond Watch This Capri black dial women’s watch was made from David Yurman and is lavishly set with diamonds weighing almost 1 carat. This watch is made of sterling silver with a sapphire crystal glas. You can sell this David Yurman watch with us. We can offer up to $700.
18k David Yurman Turquoise Albion Earrings These fine quality David Yurman earrings made of 18k gold and sterling silver, called Albion Earrings with turquoise stones are a great asset and ready for selling with us. You can sell this David Yurman earrings for up to $500.

Sell single pieces or a whole collection of David Yurman jewelry

reDollar jewelry experts appraising David Yurman jewelrySome people sell David Yurman jewelry because their taste has changed or the jewelry has a little damage. Other customers sell whole David Yurman jewelry collections because of a divorce or an inheritance. Make sure that you deal with the most experienced buyer. Why you plan to sell your David Yurman jewelry is secondary for us, but the primary goal is to achieve the highest possible price. Don’t risk to get ripped-off from dabblers if you offer your David Yurman jewelry to one of your neighborhood buyers. Open your mind for selling online instead of locally. Start selling online and we provide you fully insured shipping solutions to mail-in your valuables safe and secure. Our whole selling process is well-thought out and proven from thousands of customers. Selling your David Yurman pieces is risk-free, hassle-free and without an obligation to close the deal. You have the right to reclaim your pieces at anytime. A fast same-day payment completes our great service portfolio.

Let’s talk about the selling value of David Yurman jewelry

18k gold jewelry on 100 dollar banknotesJust recently we accepted an 18K gold necklace, weighing approx. 125 gram. Our customer sold this necklace for $7,000. This David Yurman necklace was a truly superb item in glossy-shining yellow gold. Such jewelry pieces are very popular, also in pre-owned condition. Let’s talk about a ladies watch made of 18K gold. David Yurman watches are crafted and hand-build in Switzerland. Each watch is a unique piece, justifies a high value: the “Classic 30 mm Quartz Watch” sells for $7,000 to $20,000, depending on the year of make and the overall condition. David Yurman bracelets like the Renaissance Blue Topaz Cuff bracelet are also well-known pieces among collectors.
A composition of 18K gold, blue topaz, peridot and a pink tourmaline make this an outstanding piece of jewelry. Such cuff-bracelets can sell between $4,000 and $8,000 depending on the overall condition. Last but not least, we’d like to mention an 18K gold Confetti Cuff Bracelet made from the genius David Yurman. Over 50 gram of 18K gold and approx. 0.75 carat of natural round brilliant diamonds, this bracelet  reflects a value of at least $4,000. Finally we would like to present you a David Yurman 18K gold oval-cable link necklace weighing approx. 73 gram. For this jewelry piece we have appraised a value between $4,000 and $5,000.

How can I sell my David Yurman jewelry online?

Get started right away, if you are ready to mail-in your David Yurman jewelry. You can also ask Maria Tait our jewelry expert if you have questions about regarding the value or the evaluation process. If you’d like to get the cash fast, start now. Please just tell us your basic information about you and your David Yurman jewelry. Learning more about the value and the amount of pieces you plan to sell, helps our friendly customer support team to arrange everything for you: free shipping, free appraisal, prompt offer and instant payment is guaranteed. For more information please read our FAQ.

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