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Sell diamond earrings to the online buyer reDollar and make a great selling experience!

You own nice diamond earrings and you plan to sell them? That’s great, we are happy that you found us. If you would like to sell diamond earrings it needs a good partner where to sell such nice pieces of jewelry. We understand ourselves as such a good and reliable partner because we serve you with the best services to make your selling transaction a pleasure. With reDollar you can sell from your home! Selling with us means convenience. You don’t even have to leave your home when you want to sell diamond earrings to top prices. We appreciate the value of your diamond earrings and that’s why we offer cost-free, insured shipping, optionally by secured courier pick up. We avoid expensive rentals in high business areas because we operate from one centralized head office where all our internal processes take place and where we bundle our know-how. This savings are your profit. We pay the highest prices for your jewelry, this is not an ad, that’s a promise. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So whenever you want to sell with us, feel free to contact us or get started right now. Use our gold calculator if you would like to calculate our purchase prices by yourself. We offer our clients the full transparency, this is what makes us so successful, now and then. Sell diamond earrings is a discreet thing as well. With us your anonymity is protected because nobody spies you walking in at your local pawnshop or jeweler. You need of money is a well-kept-secret with us. We don’t share your private details and information with any other party. Data protection is one of our principles. We offer flexible payment options that suit to everybody. Sell diamond earrings to reDollar and choose between check payment, bank transfer, money order or a payment by PayPal. reDollar is prepared for any situation.

Why to sell diamond earrings online and not offline to locals?

Good question! Simply because with us you get much more, much more of everything. Much more money, much more service, much more friendliness, much more transparency and much more flexibility. We have tested hundreds of local gold buyer spots and our test results show that the majority of gold buyers don’t offer a good services. Of course there are also reliable local gold buyers but to find them is like to find the needle in the haystack. Online buyers like reDollar offer by far a better service. Many of the local buyers don’t pay fair prices. If you plan to sell diamond earrings or other pieces of jewelry, then you should always expect a purchase price that is only 10-15% under the spot price of gold. But locals often have margins of 30% and more. That’s inacceptable in our opinion. Also make sure that the buyer of your choice is an expert in diamond grading especially when you sell diamond earrings, the respective buyer should have consolidated knowledge of diamonds in general and also what concerns the determination of the value of diamonds. This is what we also have missed when we consulted local gold buyers. No all of the self-called experts are truly experts. We also experienced the situation that we were sent away because our gold was not worth to buy, a local buyer told us. But we ask ourselves, why? Gold has a quantifiable value so every piece of gold has can be bought for a certain amount. Gold won’t be treated like art, which also has an objective value and not a quantifiable value like precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For us it’s a no go if somebody names himself a gold buyer but sends away clients because the items appear inferior. We buy all kinds of gold and for us no gold is inferior, maybe the quality or the appearance is not good enough to sell it again but in every case we can buy your gold, damaged or not. Gold which is old or damaged can be bought as scrap gold which is not thought for the resale. Sell diamond rings better to us and avoid a bad experience with local buyers. You could find a reliable place but the chance that you find an unreliable dealer is higher than finding a super spot. Get started now, sell your diamond earrings with us and give us the chance to convince you of our professionalism. Great prices, great deal that’s reDollar!

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