After a divorce or a split up relationship, sell diamond engagement ring to get at least good cash!

We all know how it feels when a long lasting relationship comes to an end. It feels terrible. There are not enough words that could describe the feelings we all have when a relationship comes to an end. It can be sadness or anger, frustration or hopelessness, the variety of feeling and emotions is huge. But how can you overcome this hard times? You could start banning old memories of your life. And what suggests itself more than to sell your diamond engagement ring at first. Maybe you don’t want to be remembered of this man or this woman any longer. All your love and memories are connected with this diamond engagement ring. Divorces are the main reason why so many people decide to sell diamond engagement rings. Also the statistic shows us that an average of more than 40% of all marriages break within the first five years of marriage. That’s a sad fact, isn’t it? Sell diamond engagement rings to us if you would like to start to work off your past with your ex.

Where to sell diamond engagement rings? How to find a reliable buyer?

Well that’s a good question. A reliable spot where to sell diamond engagement rings is the dotcom company reDollar. We have set our goal to become the most important online gold buyer in the United States of America. And we work hard to fulfill your expectations. We offer many services that our competitors don’t offer their clients. We would like to revolutionize the gold buyer market in the US and it’s our company`s philosophy to set a good example and create a transparent and informative platform for selling jewelry online. Selling online with reDollar is a pleasure, we provide you very high purchase prices for your diamond engagement ring as well as a great customer support that is available for your 24hours/day, 362 days/year. Visit our gold calculator and learn more about our prices. We offer transparency to our clients, every time. Many of our competitors don’t do that. They don’t publish prices on their websites or in their shop windows. When you want to sell diamond engagement rings, don’t expect to get a quick price information from local buyers on the phone. But why? Engagement rings made of silver, gold or platinum have a quantifiable value and if you know the weight of your engagement rings you should get a circa price information or the buyer should be able to tell you how much he pays per dwt or gram. But unfortunately not many gold buyer want to share their prices with the public, in our opinion there is only one reason for that: greed. Greed to make the highest possible profit and to make money with clueless clients. So before you sell diamond engagement rings to local gold buyers, other online gold buyers, jewelers or pawnshops, please find out the value of your diamond engagement rings. To get an independent jewelry appraisal send your diamond engagement ring to us and we find out the current market value of your treasure. If you decide to sell with us or not, is up to you. With us you don’t have an obligation to sell, at no point of time and all our services are free for you. We don’t burden our clients with costs when they are in need of cash, we are here to help you, so take our hand and give us a try. We promise you that you won’t regret it.

Can I sell damaged diamond engagement rings too?

Yes, you can! We buy all kinds of diamond engagement rings. We buy broken rings, rings with strong signs of usage, new diamond engagement rings, diamond engagement rings form very famous brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef and Arpels, Graff or Piaget. For very special and outstanding pieces we can offer higher prices. We employee experts who would love to make appraisals for your fine jewelry. Our precious network of buyers and collectors all over the world allows us to pay the highest prices for your fine luxury jewelry. We have the expertise on board and you have the diamond engagement ring, don’t hesitate and let’s make a deal. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with our customer service representatives, it’s our pleasure to help you with the sales process.

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