Sell diamond necklace but where is a good place to get top prices?

You have inherited a gorgeous diamond necklace but you would like to sell it? Or you would like to sell your beloved diamond necklace because you need liquid funds? For whatever reason you plan to sell your diamond necklace, we are your first address for that delicate jewelry sale. You don’t know where to sell your diamond necklace to great conditions? We can fully understand you. It’s not easy to find a reliable place where you can sell diamond necklaces to attractive conditions without spending extra costs or getting a bad quote. There are several options where to sell diamond necklaces but you have the choice what’s the best option for you. We present you some places where you could sell your diamond necklace and we balance the pros and cons of this spots for you.

Sell diamond necklace to a local gold buyer

You could sell your necklace to a local gold buyer if you need instant cash and if you look for a face to face sales conversation. But please bear in mind that many local gold buyers don’t act very transparent. You have to compare the prices carefully when you would like to sell your diamond necklace to a local gold buyer. Check out if the gold buyer is able to determine the value of the diamonds properly and find out if the people there have the consolidated knowledge and experience to deal with fine jewelry and diamonds. Not every gold buyer is an expert. Thousands of local gold buyers popped up like mushrooms when the gold price was increasing rapidly. People from different occupational areas started the business of gold buying, they learned in a quick training course how to determine the value of gold and that’s it. But these guys often don’t have a longtime experience. It happens not seldom that they offer very low prices to be safe against false estimations. To find out properly how much is a diamond necklace worth it needs expertise not only in the field of buying gold also what concerns the diamond grading. So before you finally sell diamond necklaces to local gold buyers compare their prices and better than that, try to get an independent appraisal of your diamond necklace. can make this for you, get started now and we make a free appraisal for your diamond necklace. That way you learn about how much is your diamond necklace worth. You can then decide if you want to sell it with us or not, but we are very sure that you will be very happy with our attractive offer. Our expertise and long-term experience allows us to pay the highest prices, we don’t need a safety buffer that secures us against false estimations because with us there are not false estimations. Our experts work in groups and determine the realistic market value of your diamond necklace, all their experience and knowledge will be bundled. This is our promise to you!

Sell diamond necklace to a pawnbroker

With pawnbrokers it’s almost the same as with local gold buyers. Pawnbrokers have a basic knowledge of many things they purchase, but very often they don’t have an expert knowledge when clients want to sell fine jewelry like a diamond necklace. It may can happen that your question “how much is my diamond necklace worth” can’t be answered explicit. The probability of getting a low offer is very big. Of course there are also very reliable pawnbrokers out there and if you should be lucky to meet one of them, we think they should admit when they think that they are not the right address where to sell a fine jewelry diamond necklace. It’s always better to refer a client to experts than making a huge profit on a client because that’s simply not fair. In general we recommend not to sell diamond necklaces to pawnshops, better look for a place where experts are on site.

Sell diamond necklace in an auction house or at an online auction

A famous auction house like Sotheby’s or Christie’s can be a good place to sell diamond necklaces and when you confront auction houses like those with your concern “how much is a diamond necklace worth”, we are sure you will get a reliable answer including an appraisal for your piece. The cons are the long handling times and the high fees. Auction houses request high commission rates and fees that include for the consignor costs for marketing, shipping, handling and other services. With reDollar you get the same service but without any costs. That’s the main advantage of selling jewelry to an online buyer like us and not to an auction house. We don’t burden our clients with fees or deductions. Also when you are in an urgent need of money, selling via an auction won’t be a reasonable thing for you. Selling to an online gold buyer like us is a great choice if you want to get an expert appraisal, means an excellent and precise estimation and your cash quickly. Selling with an online auction house like eBay assumes that you know how much money you can expect for your diamond necklace and that you also know what you own. That means if you would like to realize a good price on eBay, you should be able to describe your necklace in detail, the clarity of the diamonds, the weight, the gold alloy, the age, maybe the provenience etc. So you see, sell diamond necklaces via an online auction houses is nothing for beginners. But if your description is well prepared, then you can expect a good price.

Sell diamond necklace to an online gold buyer

Selling to an online gold buyer can be very lucrative but only if you find a reliable online gold buyer like There are also many online gold buyers to find in the World Wide Web who don’t keep their promises. But with for example, you have a great place where to sell diamond necklaces and any other kinds of jewelry. We offer great services for our clients: a consolidated appraisal process of the jewelry pieces, very high purchase prices, free shipping, a very short handling time and four different payment methods that satisfy every need. With us you get the benefits from all different kind of gold buyers but not the cons. Get started now and sell your diamond necklace with reDollar, we bet you won’t regret it. Learn from the experts how much is a diamond necklace worth.

How much is a diamond necklace worth?

This question can’t be answered that easy. To estimate the value of a diamond necklace many factors have to be considered. The prices for diamond necklaces start with 200 USD for example and know upwards no borders. Fine jewelry necklaces from famous brands like Tiffany or Cartier obtain very, very high prices. Also very rare and antique diamond necklaces can be very expensive. To determine the exact market value of a diamond necklace the expert has to check the diamonds, the gold, the design, the special manufacturing and maybe the provenience. So you see there are many characteristics that need to be considered. But you can be sure that reDollar will find out the value of your necklace and we will surprise you with a great offer. Start selling your diamond necklace now and become a new satisfied reDollar customer. Your necklace is with us in best hands!

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