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Some months ago Ms. Parker contacted us with the wish to sell her diamonds for cash. She told us her personal story that she is forced to sell her diamond jewelry because one year ago she got divorced from her husband and now she is solely responsible for all the monthly bills. She does not want to sell her beloved diamonds that remind her of good times in the past but unfortunately she has to, in order to stave off a potential foreclosure. Stories like that are really sad but they are taken from real life and are no exception. Selling diamonds for cash is not a business of emotions and sentiments, unfortunately not. There are a few important advises every potential seller should consider before he decides to sell diamonds for cash.

Tips for selling diamonds

Find out the value:

Before you sell your diamonds it’s strongly recommended to find out the value of your diamonds. Unfortunately it’s hard for non-professionals to determine the value of diamonds because in comparison to gold, which has a quantifiable value that will be calculated daily on the global dealing floors, diamonds don’t have an objective measure, but nevertheless there are ways to find out the worth of your diamonds. works together with independent appraisers who will check your diamonds in detail. Our appraisers are well trained, work on the highest standards and are all GIA certified. You can be sure that with us, you will get the most professional opinion about your diamond’s condition and characteristics. We also provide you consolidated information about the diamond grading.

We keep our promises and offer by far the best prices for your diamonds or diamond jewelry. Feel free to compare the prices from different diamond buyers in your neighborhood and solicit their offers. Also that way you can gain an opinion about your diamond’s worth. Visiting eBay is also an advisable option, check the sold diamonds that correspond with the characteristics of your diamonds and get a better impression about the estimated value when selling diamonds for cash.

Find out a marketplace:

There are many marketplaces out there to sell diamonds for cash, but what is the best? is one of the best. We offer you a cost free appraisal for your diamonds and a top Dollar price guarantee. Our goal is not to make the highest possible profit with one client, our goal is to make a fair, transparent and high offer so that you can become a satisfied customer. Your satisfaction and recommendation is our goal. We employ GIA certified appraisers who are able to make an independent analysis of your diamond whose profession it is to make precise diamond expertise.

An auction house could be also an interesting alternative for selling diamonds for cash but the disadvantage is obvious: high commission fees and it can be very time consuming when you need instant cash. The majority of auction houses offer regularly jewelry auctions but the intervals between the particular auctions are always some weeks or months. So when you need instant cash this is not the best solution for you.

Alternatively you could sell your diamonds to your local pawnbroker but our researches have shown that the offered prices at local pawnbrokers are very often quite too low and not competitive. To get a reliable estimation about your diamond you need real experts, but unfortunately not every pawn broker is an expert in that delicate field of jewelry.

Sell diamonds to – the online expert I trust in. Just 3 simple steps to cash out!

You have decided to sell your diamonds to reDollar? Congratulations, you made a wise decision. And this is how it works: Before you sell your diamonds to us, please fill in our online sales form. We ask just for the basics, your name, address and a brief description of the item(s) that you will sell with us. After finishing this step please choose a convenient shipping method. We recommend a safe and easy pick up of your diamonds from FedEx. You are the boss, you can decide when and where the pickup should take place. Alternatively you can also send your diamonds by yourself, using the carrier of your confidence or ship with our pre-printed labels from USPS. Normally your diamonds should arrive in our high tech labs 24-48 hours after shipping. As soon as our appraisers have checked your diamonds we will make you an instant offer. When you agree, money will be paid out instantly, by check, as money order, with PayPal or as direct debit transfer. With us you have the choice! The transaction is finished, quick, simple and transparent.

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