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You need instant cash because you have been overtaken by unforeseen expenses? We all know this situation and nobody of us is immune against such situations. It’s a widespread wisdom that only the poorest people are affected from urgent need of money but that’s completely untrue. Everybody, regardless of the social class or income group can come in the situation of needing liquid funds. There are some who have to pay their utility bills which might be overdue and others who have to pay the yearly taxes for their vacation home and also others who have to pay the college fees for the kids who might be Yvy league students. So you can see the cross section is tremendous. But what can you do to overcome such a situation of urgently needed cash? You could sell some unwanted gold to us and we guarantee you top conditions. You could check your jewel case, I’m sure you can find some old pieces such as gold earrings that you don’t use anymore, you can sell this gold earrings to us and we offer you a great price!

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We are not nobody’s in the sector of gold buying. Since many years we are successful in that field of business and we have established a good reputation in the line of business. Our aim is having sumless satisfied customers. Our most important principles are transparency, accuracy and honesty. This three principles explain our convincing success, yesterday, today and tomorrow. You can trust us because we keep our promises. Gold buying is a delicate business and discretion is one part of it. We don’t ask for the reasons why you need liquid funds but we ask how we can help you. Selling gold earrings to is that easy and convenient for you. Our website offers you many informative articles that explain to you how to estimate the value of your gold. In addition to that you can also calculate the actual price for your gold earrings or other pieces of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Visit our gold calculator to check out our prices.

I have decided to sell my earrings to, what happens next, how does it work?

Congratulations! You have made a wise decision. We welcome you as new client. Selling gold to is that easy and can be explained in three simple steps.

First, please visit our website and fill in our sales form. Please specify your basics such as name, address and maybe a short description of the items that you want to sell. Step one is completed. As second step, please choose a convenient shipping method. You can send your gold to our high-tech laboratories optionally with a free pick up from FedEx. If you prefer this shipping method please choose a convenient pick up time and we schedule the pickup for you, at home or at your workplace or anywhere else. You can also send your gold by yourself. If you choose this shipping method please use our pre-paid shipping labels from USPS. In both cases your items are fully insured. Step two is completed. When your gold was shipped, you can lean back. Step three: Our experts analyze your gold and on basis of this analysis we will make you a price offer. When you agree, we make an immediate payout, if not, we send back your gold fully insured. The appraisal and shipping is for free, no costs occur, the only thing that can happen is, that you win, but with us you never lose. Still something unclear? No, then get started now and sell your gold earrings to reDollar.

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