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estate jewelry from an estate saleFor all the people who want to sell estate jewelry, we offer you the perfect platform to realize this ambitious plans with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Estate jewelry is an ongoing issue and a subject of much debate but, what is estate jewelry? Estate jewelry is a term, most commonly used in the retail sense, that refers to jewelry and watches which are often part of the “estate” of a deceased person. So in the majority of cases when we speak about estate jewelry, then inherited jewelry is meant. In many cases and depending on the respective situation, it’s often not an easy decision to sell estate jewelry. Personal memories and feelings are strongly connected with estate jewelry, that’s what makes a sale like that very delicate. For both parties, the buyer and for the seller. If you look for a sensitive way to sell estate jewelry then please consider us as your favorable choice. We understand ourselves as the old-school buyers of estate jewelry because for us old virtues like piety, aristocratic reserve, discretion and empathy are no foreign words. We are professionals in the field of buying estate jewelry of any kind. Our team of jewelry experts is specialized in estate jewelry of a multitude of styles and price ranges. We handle estate jewelry sales of smaller extent as well as very extensive estate jewelry sales in the six digit price range. Sell estate jewelry with reDollar and contact us today to discuss your estate jewelry sale. Our experts will guide you through the entire process to guarantee a professional and satisfying process. We have the consolidated knowledge and the financial power to pay your peak prices for your estate jewelry. Give us a try!

Sell estate jewelry of every kind and unlock your treasure with us

estate sale jewelry gold jewelry with various gemstonesEstate jewelry is not estate jewelry. As the different estates strongly vary, so does the jewelry of the estate’s owner as well. As a result of our extensive experience as jewelry buyer we know how different estate jewelry can be. The multitude of styles and exclusivity is enormous. During the last years we have bought outstanding pieces from Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Mikimoto, Chopard, Bvlgari, Piaget, Graff, Tiffany and Buccellati. But estate jewelry doesn’t come in form of the most exclusive and dazzling jewelry only, also conventional and wide spread estate jewelry is of prime importance for us. Very ordinary gold jewelry in form of gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, diamond rings and diamond jewelry, gold brooches, platinum rings and necklaces, pins, gold watches and bangles are all items we buy every day. We solely work with experts who have the needed experience and education to deal with delicate jewelry. Part of our ethical codex are the high prices we offer our clients. That we can keep our promises to pay highest prices, we need expert knowledge to determine the value of estate jewelry accurately. If you don’t have the ability to determine the value of jewelry correctly with zero tolerance for misinterpretation, you are not able to pay peak prices. Simply because you need a buffer to compensate your miscalculation.

Expert knowledge is needed for a good deal

redollar expert at work with polariscopeUnfortunately the majority of estate jewelry buyers we have met does not have the needed expertise that should be a general standard in that business. When you sell estate jewelry to a local buyer, please put this buyer through his paces and compare the prices carefully before you finally say “deal”. Use a gold calculator or meet our appraisers to get a first idea of how much your estate jewelry is worth. Knowledge is power and when you have a rough idea how much you should get for your estate jewelry, then you make the black sheep in that business who want to get your estate jewelry for a bargain, a very hard life.

Sell estate jewelry online – your benefits

diamond estate jewelryBeside the classic way of selling estate jewelry through a local estate sales agent for example you should consider new and innovative ways of selling your estate jewelry. Online buyers like us are a great choice in times of hard competition. Local estate jewelry buyers face hard times these days because highly professional online buyers like us make them a hard time. You ask yourself why? Because we detect their tricks and lures. We make public how unacceptable low their offers are and with which empty promises and tricks they lure unknowing customers. We don’t generalize all local guys but the awful truth is that finding a reliable jewelry buyer is like finding the needle in a haystack. Times have changed, the middle-class is shrinking and so tries everybody to get a piece of the cake, also the gold buying branch is involved in that downwards spiral and this trend. We set a new standard of buying gold and jewelry to top conditions. We set highest values on transparency, fairness and customer protection. We are tired from the questionable business practices of our competitors.

Sell your estate jewelry with the smart choice

redollar gold calculator jewelry scrap coins and barsSell estate jewelry online with reDollar and make a great selling experience. We share our prices with you and the public, give us a call, tell us what you have, we make you an offer so that you are able to think about it. Use our gold calculator or get in touch with our experts for precious metals, jewelry, watches, diamonds & gemstones, and for coins, ingots and bars. We don’t push you to make the deal with us, we don’t lure you in our shop to promise you the moon and to pay you unacceptable prices for your valuable estate jewelry. We listen when you talk and we know the value of your beloved jewelry, that’s how we treat you and your assets, with the maximum of respect. If you would like to give the young Gentlemen and new generation of the jewelry buyer industry a try, then make the deal with us. You send your estate jewelry to our high tech laboratories, our experts determine the value and we make you an awesome offer. You can then decide if you agree or not. At no point of time we burden you with costs. Shipping, handling, appraisals, everything is free for our appreciated clients. We make instant payments and in case you would like to have back your assets, we return them immediately and with full insurance cover. Sell estate jewelry online it is SAFE, SMART and SECURE! If you prefer to order a selling kit that includes all you need for a safe and convenient shipping of your estate jewelry then order your free selling kit just now.

Did you know that reDollar opens all customer mailings under a video camera? After your parcel was carefully opened, checked, weighed and recorded we share the opening video with you. With us you get the maximum of security and transparency.


Maria TaitMaria Tait jewelry expert redollar looking at gold jewelry is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Maria is always available for your inquiries related to Estate sales, jewelry in general, fine jewelry and antique jewelry. If you have any questions about your Estate sale, ask Maria a question. It’s free and she is always excited and curious to receive new inquiries about any kind of Estate sale.

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