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GIA grading report for a loose pear shape diamondYou would like to sell your GIA diamonds and you are not sure which buyer you should choose? Choose us! We make the difference because reDollar is your transparent, trustworthy and fair diamond buyer. We constantly pay the highest prices for GIA diamonds and other precious gemstones. Over the past centuries in this business we have built up a global network of diamond buyers and sellers. We know the diamond market and its market fluctuations very well. Many people think that selling GIA diamonds shouldn’t be difficult because an extensive GIA certificate gives detailed information about the diamond’s characteristics without any doubts. The truth is that selling GIA diamonds can be arduous but the problem is not on the seller’s side, the problem are unreliable diamond buyers who try to lure clients with empty promises. In the majority of cases they offer low prices, an unsatisfactory customer support, and a lack of experience. We learned from the mistakes of our competitors and make it much better. Give us a try and find out that selling GIA diamonds with reDollar is a great pleasure. From the beginning of the selling process our trained and highly educated GIA accredited gemologists will be available for you via email, phone, or chat. Take a look at our diamond price list and get a first idea of our prices for your precious GIA diamond(s). Our diamond price list proves our high standards of transparency. We share our prices with the public so that you can learn what you can get for your diamonds before you finally start shipping your precious stones. Other competitors often surprise their clients with low prices when they already have their diamonds in hands. A very unfair practice which we strongly oppose.

What is important to sell GIA diamonds?

GIA diamond grading report DossierThe Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides excellent and extensive certificates for diamonds, colored diamonds, synthetic diamonds, other gemstones and pearls. The nonprofit institute is a long-established supplier in this segment and well-known for its professionalism. If you own a diamond with a GIA certificate then you’re lucky because with your GIA grading report your diamond has been graded and that’s very helpful for a successful sale of your diamond. With help of a certificate you should be able to get a concisely price offer. This is the theory but the practice is often not the same. The best what you can do before you finally sell your GIA diamonds to any diamond buyer, find out how much your diamond is worth. Get in touch with our appraisers and request a free quote for your diamond. Find out how much you should get for your GIA diamond before you finally make the deal. Our GIA accredited diamond expert Mrs. Tamay Rostan will give you information what the fair market value of your diamond is. The GIA certificate provides the best possible basis for an evaluation. When you know how much money your GIA diamond is currently worth, then you can start a comparison. But don’t be too enthusiastic. We found out that two thirds of the local diamond buyers offer a very insufficient service and their prices are often very low to unacceptable. There are great diamond buyers out there who pay competitive prices but it’s hard to find them. Sell GIA diamonds with us and make a fantastic selling experience. Don’t waste your time with nebulous dealers who just want to get your diamond for a bargain. Give us, the fair diamond buyer, a try and you will see we’ll keep our promises.

It needs profound expert knowledge to decode the value of a diamond

Fancy yellow diamondA natural mined diamond is the number one symbol of wealth, beauty, and elegance. To determine the current sales price of a diamond it needs consolidated expert knowledge which our proud team of appraisers and experts can offer you. A GIA grading report provides us essential information about the diamond’s 4Cs and main characteristics. We can learn from the grading report the carat weight, the measurements, the shape and cutting style, the color grade and clarity grade, the polish, the symmetry and the fluorescence of a diamond. But what we can’t learn from the certificate is the current market value of the diamond. This is where our experts come into play. Our experts will let you know how much your diamond is worth. Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how much money you can get for your diamond.

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