Sell gold ounces online and learn how much you should get paid

You own some nice gold ounces and you would like to sell them because the gold price is promising or simply because you need cash? Welcome to reDollar we are your expert when you would like to sell gold ounces online. With us a great purchase price is guaranteed. But how much money can you expect when you sell gold ounces? A reliable gold buyer that can be also a local jeweler or a pawn broker should never offer you less than 10% below the spot price of fine gold, which is 24K. Gold buyers who offer you less money are not a good spot where to sell gold ounces. The determination of the value of gold ounces is always very doubtless because gold ounces are easy to analyze. If you would sell fine jewelry it would be more difficult to determine the value especially when the jewelry is made of different precious metals and was manufactured with many gemstones and has a complex design etc. But the determination of gold ounces is simple, so there is no scope what concerns a precise price offer. Gold ounces have a weight x and the alloy is always 24K, that’s it. Not more not less. So when you present your gold ounces to a potential buyer it should be very easy for him to give you an explicit price information, direct and straightforward.

When you decide to sell gold ounces online with reDollar you can expect a current price of $2356.89/ ounce.

Make a price comparison before you sell gold ounces

reDollar selling kit for gold ounces and other coinsTo get a fair offer it’s highly recommended that you know what you have. Figure out how much your gold ounce is worth before you sell it to anybody. You can calculate the value of your gold ounce by using our great gold calculator. We update our prices two times per day so that you always know how much money you can get for your gold ounces. As the name already says, one gold ounce has a weight of 31,1 grams, 1 ounce or 18,23 dwt. The alloy is always 24K when we talk about a gold ounces. With this information you can already use our gold calculator. Please fill in the weight, select the alloy and within seconds our current price will be presented to you. Now you know the fair market value of your gold ounce or your gold ounces. With this information you can start your comparison. Call local gold buyers or online gold buyers and find out how much they are willing to pay you for your gold. If you don’t have an urgent emergency, we highly recommend not to sell gold ounces for a lower price than the price you have calculated with our gold calculator. But please bear in mind, when you plan to sell gold ounces online or offline, please don’t count with a transparent answer from every gold buyer that you contact for a comparison. An independent research has shown that the majority of gold buyers online and offline don’t give out any price information. Especially local gold buyers try to persuade people to come to their store to get a price information. But that’s simply not necessary. Gold has a quantifiable value and there is an explicit purchase price for one ounce of 24K gold. But the trick of this guys is to get the gold ounces very cheap and to make a big profit. And it’s no secret that it’s easier to push the price downwards and to negotiate face to face than on the phone or by email.

Sell gold ounces online to us and benefit from our great services

reDollar offers great services to its customers. Sell gold to reDollar is safe, fast and lucrative. We operate as Dotcom Company that means we buy your gold over the internet only. When you sell gold ounces with us, it means you ship them to our laboratory where the analysis of your assets takes place. We bundle our know-how in our head office where all our experts and customer support representatives come together to provide you with a smooth and quick processing. We offer our clients very high purchase prices which is our most important argument for selling with us. We don’t burden our clients with any fees. Shipping, handling and the appraisals are absolutely cost-free for you. We forego promising advertising to fish for clients. Our advertising is your referral to family members and friends that’s why we are able to pay top Dollars and why we serve great conditions to our appreciated customers. It’s also a pro of selling online that you protect your anonymity. We don’t ask for a SSN, we don’t ask for an employment and nobody gets to know that you have made a deal with us. Beside the standard payment options PayPal, check and direct debit we also offer our clients the discreet payment option money order. You see if you don’t face a very urgent emergency that forces you to have cash in hands within minutes, then there is absolutely no reason why not to sell gold ounces online with reDollar. Give us a try and get started right now!

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