Sell gold teeth – turn your “golden” tooth into cash

You have inherited some gold teeth and now you ask yourself “what can I do with this old gold teeth?” Or your dentist has removed some old dental gold and replaced it with new material? There can be many reasons why people own gold teeth, but what can be done with this old, unwanted gold? Good question! You can sell gold teeth! This kind of gold has a quantifiable value so please do not dispose of it although it doesn’t look nice and maybe it smells horrible. We know that it’s not the nicest form of gold, especially when it was used before but nevertheless it has a certain value. So turn your dental gold into cash! We are your first address where to sell gold teeth for top prices. With us you can sell your unwanted gold teeth online, hassle-free and to great conditions. Benefit from a professional and smooth online transaction and get paid at latest 48 hours after shipping. Take a look on our price list below, we tell you how much your gold teeth is worth:

  • White Dental gold: up to $34.05 price per dwt. /up to $24.95 price per gram
  • Yellow dental gold: up to $41.75 price per dwt. /up to $26.95 price per gram

Sell gold tooth online and become a satisfied client

Selling online is so attractive because you can do it from anywhere in the US to anytime you want. reDollar operates 24 hours, seven days a week. No matter if you live on the East Coast or West Coast, we can serve you with the best sales conditions. You want to sell gold teeth but you don’t want to leave your home? No problem for us. Please pack your dental gold very well and make it ready for shipping so that a friendly FedEx courier can pick it up. Just start the sales process online with 3 clicks and we manage the rest. We have a high tech laboratory in house where all the analyzing processes take place. If you sell gold teeth, we offer a detailed analysis report to your dental gold on the highest standards. Our team of experts determines the value of your dental gold and on basis of our results we make you a fair offer. Our aim is to become America’s first online gold buyer and to reach this goal, we do our best to serve you with the best possible customer services. All our services are free for you. With us, you don’t have any hidden fees! Shipping, handling and the appraisals are always cost-free for our appreciated clients. A satisfied customer is all we desire. We don’t rip you off, with us you get the maximum of transparency! Sell gold teeth with reDollar and give us a try. We bet you won’t regret it!

Why to sell gold teeth online and not to locals?

Well, the answer is obvious. Many local gold buyers refuse to accept dental gold. They don’t want to deal with gold teeth or a single gold tooth. We don’t act like that. We name ourselves gold buyers and that’s what we are. We buy any kind of gold in any form, quality and quantity. We have tested several gold buyers in the US and our test result is very sobering. The majority of local gold buyers wants to make a good deal with their clients, they don’t pay attention on your personal fates. The best what you can do to avoid getting ripped off, is to know what you own before you sell to local gold buyers. Use our gold calculator to find out what a fair price for your gold teeth is. Make a comparison and see who pays you best and finally if you want to avoid all this time consuming measures, then sell directly with us. Get started now and become a new satisfied and happy reDollar customer. Sell gold teeth with reDollar and experience the difference!

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