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Gucci silver bracelet with certificateIt’s absolutely doubtless that Gucci is an outstanding and very respected luxury brand with a great reputation. Gucci is known for fabulous fancy bags, belts, shoes, sunglasses, beauty products and also watches. But what about Gucci’s jewelry? How much is Gucci jewelry worth and how can you sell Gucci jewelry? That’s a good question and answering needs a Gucci expert like our company. knows all about Gucci jewelry: about vintage Gucci jewelry and contemporary Gucci jewelry as well. We know how much your Gucci pieces are worth and if they are authentic. In contrast to competitors like pawn shops or gold buyers, honors the brand itself when it comes to calculate the price. We don’t only weigh your Gucci jewelry to offer you the silver price or the gold price. No, no! We estimate the realistic market value and deduct only between 5% and 15% as our margin. That’s the best deal in the US! Start outright and sell your Gucci jewelry with us. Gucci has a long lasting history starting in 1921 in Italy’s Florence. Guccio Gucci opened a store for leather made merchandises and a luggage outlet. His designs were strongly inspired from the time as an employee of London’s Savoy Hotel, its high aristocracy guests and the luxury timeless designs of that time. Guccio Gucci strived to craft all his leather goods with a maximum of attention for materials and styles. Only few years later, the brand Gucci became very successful and the international guests from Florence became the brand’s most important messengers.

When it comes to sell Gucci jewelry

redollar experts checking gold jewelryWhat is important when it comes to sell Gucci jewelry? As mentioned initially, experience and knowledge is needed. You need a buyer with the ability to distinguish between rare and valuable Gucci jewelry and mass-produced Gucci jewelry. In contrast to Tiffany jewelry or Cartier jewelry, Gucci experts are rare in the US. is one of only a few places with employed Gucci experts. Our experts are able to determine the value of a contemporary and very rare Gucci Horsebit quartz and diamond cocktail ring, as well as the value of a vintage Gucci silver bangle. Highest value or average value is not a problem for us. Consider that a Gucci jewelry estimation is much more than only a research of recently achieved prices. A decent made estimation is based on a variety of factors. Besides the brand and the metal, also used gemstones and pieces in circulation are important price building facts. A very special and rare Gucci silver bangle from the 1990s can be worth more than a contemporary bangle. It strongly depends on the demand and the circulating pieces. The demand and the scarcity always get fully considered when our experts calculate an offer for you. We believe in our experience and thousands of estimations. Our experts are trained to recognize if rare Gucci jewelry is offered to us – even from afar. We daily extend our in-house database with prices of Gucci jewelry. Every second, every day, every week, every month and every year we learn about pricing. Supposedly, there is no way to get a better offer for your Gucci jewelry than from our company.

Sell contemporary Gucci jewelry

White gold and diamond horsebit earrings are currently the most valuable Gucci earrings. But horsebit earrings are also available without diamonds in gold and brown, available with very small diamonds and in a hoop edition. In addition to that Gucci also offers diamond bracelets and pendants. Very popular is also skull jewelry. Gucci offers a scull ring in white gold and also a skull pendant. You can sell every kind of Gucci jewelry with us:

  • Horsebit earrings
  • Horsebit stud earrings
  • Horsebit hoop earrings
  • Horsebit bracelets
  • Horsebit necklaces
  • Gucci Flora necklaces and rings
  • Icon stardust bands
  • Icon thin bands
  • Icon rings
  • Bamboo rings and bracelets
  • Horsebit cocktail rings
  • Gucci running G jewelry: plain, black diamonds Diamantissima necklaces

Gucci’s contemporary highlight of finest jewelry is a necklace made of 18 karat white gold and rose gold embellished with flowers and butterflies and lavishly set with 5.12 carats of diamonds. It’s without doubt a masterpiece of crafted goldsmithery. A matching snake-shaped ring, set with sparkling diamonds fulfills the expectation of any Gucci connoisseurs. We are happy to buy your Gucci jewelry without any limits into the piece’s worth.

Sell vintage Gucci jewelry

redollar experts checking gold bracelet with loupeOur experts have seen skillfully and great worked vintage Gucci jewelry. An estimation for vintage Gucci jewelry needs much more skills than an estimation for contemporary pieces. For vintage Gucci jewelry, an extra portion of experience is needed. In the 1980s, for example, the Gucci founder’s grandson mismanaged the company and sold licenses to various companies allowing the production of sunglasses, perfumes and jewelry. The quality of the out-of-house worked or controlled merchandises suffered from this decision. Gucci jewelry from that era, is neither popular nor valuable. A versed jewelry expert knows how to determine the price if a piece of Gucci jewelry was made in the 1980s and if it was made from a licensee. Those who own Gucci jewelry from the 1980s, which was made from Gucci themselves are the lucky ones because original Gucci jewelry from the 1980s is highly sought after from collectors. Sell your Gucci jewelry with our company and benefit from our versed experts and our experience with Gucci jewelry.

Sell your Gucci jewelry for great prices

To get an idea how much it’s worth, we listed some Gucci jewelry pieces you can sell with us.

 Picture  Selling information and value
 18 karat Gucci bracelet  You can sell vintage Gucci jewelry like this heavy worked 18 karat gold mesh link bracelet. This unique piece of jewelry is crafted in 18 karat gold and meets an elegant looking mesh link design. Sell it for up to $1,300 with us.
 Gucci Cufflinks made of 18k gold  This magnificent Gucci cuff links were made of 18 karat gold and enamel. This pretty rarity gets our special indention and sells for up to $800 with us.
 Gucci Chiodo spiral ring  This heavy and attractive Gucci Chiodo spiral ring was made of 18k gold. Its brash design will win your companion’s attention. You can sell such Gucci rings for up to $600 with us.
 Gucci white gold bangle  We are happy to receive your Gucci bangles like this 18k white gold bracelet. We honor the scarcity of this piece of jewelry by offering up to $900 for it.
 massive Gucci bracelet  This massive and impressive Gucci bracelet was heavy crafted in 18k gold. You can sell such a Gucci bracelet for up to $1,100 with us.
 Gucci Bambo bangle  This Gucci bangle belongs to the Bambo series and was made of 18k gold. Due to its weight and design, we are able to offer up to $1.600 for it.
 Gucci Horsebit bracelet  This stunning Gucci horsebit bracelet was made of 18k gold. This is a very special item and due to its worth, we are able to offer up to $2,000 for such bracelets.

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