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Harry Winston EarringsWhat makes a gold buyer a buyer of Harry Winston jewelry? It is class and professionalism paired with the highest standards and accuracy. High attributes that reDollar combines in one. We are experts in the field of luxury fine jewelry. Long lasting experience gained over decades and a perfect network of honored contacts all over the world makes us the perfect partner when you want to sell Harry Winston jewelry, discreet and uncomplicated. Our international jewelry experts have worked for most notable jewelers and auction houses around the world. Fine jewelry like the outstanding and pristine pieces from America’s first well-known diamond jeweler Harry Winston is nothing new or uncommon for us. The Harry Winston homepage describes Winston’s corporate and design headquarters as the epicenter of excitement and glamour. Big words but in all probability true. We highly appreciate and honor the myth of New York’s number one jeweler Harry Winston, which is nowadays more present than ever before. The glamour is shinier and the distinctiveness more valuable than ever before. A big name of jewelry art needs a big name for the process of selling. reDollar provides this bigness in all its variety. Sell Harry Winston jewelry with us who we set the highest values on honorable business practices and ethics. The pros of selling Harry Winston jewelry with us is the maximum of discretion you can get. You don’t even have to leave your home for selling with us. The entire transaction will be handled over the internet and the phone. A very convenient way of selling fine jewelry especially for our very busy clients who appreciate every free minute they can spend. You don’t have to live in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Dallas to sell Harry Winston jewelry to adequate prices. We understand ourselves as innovative internet fine jewelry buyer with the ability to serve the entire United States.

What are the convincing arguments to sell Harry Winston jewelry online?

By far the most convincing argument to sell Harry Winston jewelry with us are simply the high prices that we can offer our appreciated clients. In addition to the high prices, the sales process is very quick, discreet and uncomplicated. In comparison to other sales opportunities like auction houses for example, the sales process with us is much quicker and cost-free. When you sell Harry Winston jewelry via an auction house, you have two big cons. First, there are high commission fees to pay. Not seldom in the range of 25% of the price realized. Second, the auction dates are not regularly and can be far apart. That means it can take months until your lot will be auctioned and when it is the day of the day, you can’t be sure that somebody will finally buy your jewelry. So the worst case scenario is that you lost money and time but you still haven’t sold your Harry Winston jewelry. With us you don’t have a hassle like that. When you decide to sell your Harry Winston jewelry with us, we act immediately. We arrange a safeguarded and fully insured transport of your jewelry to our high-tech laboratories where the analysis takes place. Your jewelry will be analyzed solely under video surveillance and when required, we can gladly make available the video recording for you. After the intensive and detailed analyzing and appraisal process is finished, we will make you an offer. With your agreement, we instantly arrange the payout, optionally by bank transfer, check, PayPal, or Money order (which equals a cash payment). Selling with reDollar means that you are not confronted with expenses or costs of any kind. All our services are free for you, that’s what makes selling with us so attractive.

Popular Harry Winston jewelry and timepieces we admire

Harry Winston’s deep love and admiration towards diamonds and gemstones reflects his previous and present collections. The newest jewelry collections like the Harry Winston Sunflower Collection, the Garland Collection, the Zalium Collection, the Links Collection, the Loop Collection, the Lily Cluster Collection, the Belle Collection, the New York Collection, and also the Secrets Collection stand for exceptional elegance. Also the gorgeous timepieces from Harry Winston can be sold to us. All the Harry Winston timepieces are made in the world’s watchmaking capital Geneva, Switzerland. The Avenue Collection, the Premier Collection, the Midnight Collection, the Ocean Collection, the Opus Series and even Harry Winston High Jewelry timepieces can be perfectly sold with us. We appraise the value of your watch on several price building facts. We pay the highest attention on the details and the current demand situation on the market. Vintage jewelry from Harry Winston is highly sought-after from collectors all over the world and unique pieces can reach peak prices. If you own vintage jewelry from Harry Winston and you would like to get an independent price offer or appraisal, then contact us. We offer our appreciate clients free appraisals. To no point of time you are obligated to sell with us. We also offer our services to clients who finally don’t sell their jewelry but need a reliable and professional consulting. If you want to make a great deal and the decision to sell your Harry Winston jewelry is final, then sell your fine jewelry with reDollar. Get started now because we are probably one of the most serious places where you can sell your high-prized Harry Winston jewelry to unbeatable first-class conditions.

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