Gold buyers in Seattle: how much they pay and where to sell

You need a very reliable buyer to get a proper payment, if you have gold or jewelry inherited that you like to sell or if you plan to sell gold because of financial needs. And finding honest gold buyers in Seattle can represent a major challenge for you, as you will learn in our guideline. For the first moment, it’s only important for you that you don’t sell gold or jewelry without a comparison. To get paid a high price, please read our guideline carefully and you will be successful in finding a reliable gold buyer in Seattle.

Guideline to sell gold in Seattle:

Know what you have and set a price

Most sellers don’t know what they own because maybe it’s inherited jewelry, jewelry from a divorce or gifted jewelry. Gold buyers know that most people don’t bear a reference to gold and jewelry but it would be so easy to unlock the value of most of the items. And knowing what you’ve got is the basis knowledge before you begin your comparison. But don’t care, we also tell you how to proceed selling gold in Seattle without doing an evaluation by yourself.

Why is it so important to know what you own before you sell your gold in Seattle? Sadly but true, it’s because nearly all US gold buyers start a selling negotiation by asking how much money you expect. If you sell because of financial needs, maybe you tell them the amount you need. Maybe if you sell self-owned jewelry, you may ask for the amount you paid many years before. But what happens if your gold is worth much more money than the amount that you need? Or what happens if your jewelry is worth more than you paid many years before because of the sharply risen gold price? Right, maybe you just get offered as much as you asked for. There are just two ways to avoid such a situation:

  1. Don’t answer this question
  2. Ask for the amount how much your gold is really worth

Don’t answer the question: You can tell the gold buyer or the jeweler that the gold you offer is not yours. You shop around for a friend, your mum or your dad to run a comparison. Be honest and tell them that you compare the local gold buyers. Telling this put very strong pressure on them. They are forced to calculate a good price for you to have a chance for buying your gold.

Answer the question by asking for a good price: You can ask for a high price, if you know what you own. And finding out how much your gold is worth is not that complex. Sort your items pertaining to the gold markings. You will find 10K, 14K and 18K markings in the US. Weight the gold and use a gold calculator like that to determine the scrap gold value. Old-fashioned or broken gold will be calculated based on the gold price per pennyweight or gram. Even good looking jewelry will be evaluated like that. Only designer jewelry, fine jewelry, very rare and antique jewelry or diamond jewelry can reach higher prices. You have an advantage against the gold buyers in Seattle if you know the value of your gold. But consider that a self based evaluation only works for scrap gold, old-fashioned jewelry and diamond jewelry. For diamond jewelry, please use a diamond calculator like that.

And furthermore, please consider that just because mum said here old diamond bracelet was valuable doesn’t make it so. There are many people underestimating the value of their jewelry as well as overestimating it.

How and where to compare gold buyers in Seattle?

Jewelers, gold buyers and pawn shops are typical cash for gold spots in Seattle. They buy nearly everything: rings, necklaces, engagement rings, gemstone jewelry, bangles, earrings, coins, silverware, flatware, ingots, bullion or even dental gold. They accept 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K gold as well as silver, platinum or palladium. We listed some gold buyers in Seattle at the bottom of this guideline. You can follow this listing by running your own comparison.

Online gold and jewelry buyers vs. local gold buyers in Seattle: local gold buyers can rip you off as well as online gold buyers. But online gold buyers have a big advantage against the local competitors: without driving from one local spot to the other, most of them let you know how much they pay. Online gold buyers can be an option for you if you didn’t find the right place for your needs.

Cash for gold spots can be found all over Seattle. Countless new stores popped up during the last years because of risen gold prices. You can compare Crown Hill Coin & Stamp, located at 8343 15th Avenue Northwest or Sound Gold Buyers, located at 8008 15th Avenue Northwest or also Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry, located at 1521 Northwest 54th Street or also Seattle Coin Shop, located at 7509 35th Avenue Northeast or Alana Antique & Estate Jewelry, located at Northgate Mall, 401 Northeast Northgate Way or maybe also Northgate Rare Coins & Precious Metals, located at 11319 Pinehurst Way Northeast.

Or you visit local pawn shops. Pawn shops are also known as gold buyers for Seattle. There is Cash America Pawn, located at 10526 Aurora Avenue North or a company named Palace Jewelry & Loan, located 1420 1st Avenue or Pawn X-Change, located in the South of Seattle at 5718 Martin Luther King Jr Way or Pawn Pros Super Stores, located at 10207 16th Avenue Southwest or also Yuppie Pawn Shop Inc, located at the Totem Lakes Mall.

Compare, compare and compare before you sell gold in Seattle

As you learned by reading our guideline, don’t sell gold or jewelry without a comparison. You could lose a lot of money. Why getting paid just $500 when you can get paid $1,000 or maybe $1,500 just spending some time for comparing the cash for gold spots in Seattle. Take the time you need and shop around. Finally you have more money to spend visiting the awesome Woodland Park Zoo or joining a Seattle Great Wheel ride or visiting the Seattle Art Museum. Or maybe you buy a gift for a person that you love. But don’t let the gold buyers make a high profit with YOUR gold or YOUR jewelry.

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