Sell jewelry from ex

sell ex jewelrySo many Americans have jewelry from the ex at home. Most people sell this jewelry, some sink it in a lake or a river and some others just trash it. The best way is selling because you get out money for it and it’s up to you if you want to keep this money or if you donate it. You can sell jewelry from your ex with our company for best prices. We buy engagement rings, wedding bands, friendship bracelets, necklaces, errings, diamond rings and any other jewelry made of gold, silver or platinum. We also buy vintage pieces, old-fashioned jewelry or antique items. Almost all jewelry from an ex can be sold for best prices with our company.

Sell jewelry from ex: ensure that it’s your property

Recently divorced people tend to inconsiderately decisions. It can happen that you get rid of your ex’s jewelry in a moment of rage or sadness without thinking about the consequences. Ensure that it’s your property before you sell jewelry from your ex. Better keep it until you know who the lawful owner is. Selling without permit can end in legal actions and court. Engagement rings or wedding bands are almost never questionable alike friendship bracelets. Selling a man’s ring as a women or selling women’s earrings as a man could become a serious problem for you. It’s always better to rethink your plans before you do a mistake. A defining characteristic to which person a piece of jewelry belongs are engravings. You know that it’s Amanda’s jewelry, if the engraving shows the statement “I LOVE YOU AMANDA.” Probably you are not allowed to sell this piece of jewelry if you are not Amber. is a great place to sell jewelry from your ex. But please appreciate that we don’t answer questions of law. Speak with you ex or your lawyer if the situation is questionable for you.

Sell jewelry from ex: we break the jewelry if you want

It’s an urgent necessity for many Americans to assure that the ex’s jewelry they sell will be destroyed completely. This wish explains why many people just sink or trash ex’s jewelry. offers an outstanding service. We provide a certification of non-recoverability if you want. That’s an awesome free service. How does it work? You sell jewelry from your ex to us: let’s assume it’s a diamond ring. What would we do if you want to get this ring broken? First, we would remove the diamond from the ring. Second, we would melt the ring down. Your certification of non-recoverability comes with a picture of the destroyed jewelry for your records. Please let us know if you want to use this service. Just add a note in the selling form. Our employees know how to proceed.

Sell jewelry from ex and donate the amount

Another wish of many people is that the value of the sold jewelry goes to a good cause. Just sell jewelry from your ex with us and let us know how to proceed with the amount you get paid. We can wire the money into your account our directly to an organization you want to support. You get a wire confirmation for your records. That’s self-explaining.

You need a buyer with special skills if you sell jewelry from ex in an upper price range

We classify 1 out of 10 engagement rings as jewelry in the upper price range. What means that the jewelry we are talking about shows a purchase value between $15,000 and $100,000. It needs a very qualified jewelry buyer to ensure that the amount paid is proper and recognized professional. Only buyers with lots of experience are able to determine high priced jewelry. It’s not a unique characteristic of our company to be very qualified, many other guys have the ability to deal with exclusive jewelry too. Just consider that your next door buyer maybe is not skilled enough for a very special job. is prepared for special situations. We have an outstanding network of international experts and in-house employees with lots of experience. Also sell jewelry from your ex with us if the value goes into the $100,000 price range. We can do this job for you.

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