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Jostens is an American producer of class rings and other memorabilia. Besides class rings, the company is primarily known for its production of yearbooks. If you plan to sell a Jostens class ring, is the perfect place to get paid the most money. Most Jostens class rings are made of 10K gold and some of 14K gold. Older Jostens class rings can be very heavy and thus very valuable. The company was founded 1897, and in the 20th century, gold was a cheap metal compared to the gold price over the last 10 years. So using more gold for a class ring was not a big deal. Now, owning a heavy Jostens class ring can earn you a big check from our company.

Video: How Much Is a Jostens Class Ring Worth?

Watch our video to find out how much your Jostens class ring may be worth. This educational reDollar video features a video appraisal for 10k gold and 14k gold class rings made by Jostens and Balfour.

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Sell Jostens Class Ring

You can sell Jostens class rings to our company for top dollar. We offer 90% of their real value while most of our competition, like pawn shops or local gold-buying operations, only offer between 40% and 60% – WE make you the best possible deal. Most Jostens class rings are priced by their weight, $29.30 per gram for a 10K gold ring and $40.97per gram for a 14K gold ring. If you have the chance to weigh your Jostens class ring, you can use our gold calculator to estimate how much we’ll pay you for your ring. It’s quick and really easy.

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How much is a Jostens class ring worth?

The easiest way to figure out the value of your Jostens class ring is by weighing it. If you know its weight, you can easily determine your Jostens ring value. Simply use our gold calculator to calculate its value. If you don’t own a scale, our class ring value archive may be helpful to give you an idea of how much class rings usually sell for. Jostens class rings look super nice, sometimes very special or unique, but most of those rings sell for the gold value without a premium. Some rings, however, like Jostens-made Super Bowl rings, can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

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Jostens was and still is the primary supplier of Super Bowl rings, and has made 31 champion rings in the Super Bowl’s 50-year history through 2017.

List Of All Jostens Made Superbowl Rings

SUPER BOWL I (Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10), SUPER BOWL II (Green Bay 33, Oakland 14), SUPER BOWL IV (Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7), SUPER BOWL V (Baltimore 16, Dallas 13), SUPER BOWL VII (Miami 14, Washington 7), SUPER BOWL VIII (Miami 24, Minnesota 7), SUPER BOWL IX (Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6), SUPER BOWL XI (Oakland 32, Minnesota 14), SUPER BOWL XII (Dallas 27, Denver 10), SUPER BOWL XIII (Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31), SUPER BOWL XIV (Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles 19), SUPER BOWL XV (Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10), SUPER BOWL XVII (Washington 27, Miami 17), SUPER BOWL XVIII (Los Angeles 38, Washington 9), SUPER BOWL XIX (San Francisco 38, Miami 16), SUPER BOWL XX (Chicago 46, New England 10), SUPER BOWL XXI (New York 39, Denver 20), SUPER BOWL XXIII (San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16), SUPER BOWL XXIV (San Francisco 55, Denver 10), SUPER BOWL XXXI (Green Bay 35, New England 21), SUPER BOWL XXXIII (Denver 34, Atlanta 19), SUPER BOWL XXXIV (St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16), SUPER BOWL XXXV (Baltimore 34, NY Giants 7), SUPER BOWL XXXVI (New England 20, St. Louis 17), SUPER BOWL XXXVIII (New England 32, Carolina 29), SUPER BOWL XXXIX (New England 24, Philadelphia 21), SUPER BOWL XL (Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10), SUPER BOWL XLIII (Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23), SUPER BOWL XLV (Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25), SUPER BOWL XLVII (Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31), SUPER BOWL XLIX (New England 28, Seattle 24), SUPER BOWL L (Denver 24, Carolina 10), SUPER BOWL LI (New England 34, Atlanta 28), SUPER BOWL LII (Philadelphia 41, New England 33), SUPER BOWL LIII (New England 13, Los Angeles 3)

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